A wide range of professional options

Use your expertise in human behavior to drive business results or help people.

Driving business - Consumer Behavior

  • understanding of customers
  • products and services
  • user experience
  • advertisements
  • sales messages

Helping people - Counseling

  • workplace stress
  • workplace behaviors
  • career challenges
  • personal difficulties
  • family problems
  • refugees in crisis

Driving Business - HR/Organizational Behavior

  • recruiting
  • assessment
  • producitivty
  • satisfaction
  • teamwork, collaboration
  • training and development

Helping People - Clinical

  • medical crises
  • mental trauma
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • phobias


The 4+1 Program offers students successfully completing the Bachelor in Psychology a preferential opportunity to study an additional year in one of IE’s specialized Masters programs.

In an increasingly challenging and fast-paced world, the demand for professionals who can think and work across boundaries is continuously increasing.

For our Psychology students, adding a fifth year to your training offers the possibility of earning a specialized Master’s degree in a chosen area of interest.

Bip + master in management

For Psychology students who want to generalize their training across many areas of business, the MIM offers broad training in business functions including Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Accounting and IT.

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Bip + master in international relations

The world is filled with difficult situations, that call for negotiation, cooperation and multinational action. Governments, NGOs and non-profits need young professionals who understand these challenges and who understand human behavior needed to bring about effective change and response.

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Bip + master in market research and consumer behavior

This combination is for students interested in applying psychology to the world of product development, marketing, advertising, and sales. You’ll learn how to study shoppers, run focus groups, and generate the consumer and marketing insights companies need to make good business decisions.

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Bip + master in visual and digital media

For Psychology students with a creative flair, this Master opens doors into the world of creating and managing the content that businesses need to establish their corporate identity, branding, and media.

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Bip + master in corproate communication

Corporate communication is about influence, persuasion, branding and media. Psychology students who complement their studies with this Master are perfectly positioned to work in communications departments, media departments, and advertising agencies.

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Bip + master in business analytics and big data

For students who enjoy the analytical and experimental side of their psychology training, this Master provides intensive training in more advanced methods for collecting and analyzing data, running tests, and using data and technology to drive innovation in an organization.

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