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IE University takes an applied, hands-on and student-centered approach to education. Because our students have unique aspirations and career goals, their study path is also personalized. Students follow a tailored academic track that consists of the core degree courses, electives, specific internships, as well as advanced seminars and a final degree project of their choice, guided by an Advisor.

The program foundation consists of core program courses in Psychology, concentration courses, the IE Module, elective courses, an exchange option and a final degree project of your choice, guided by an advisor. You can find below a list of all the personalized schemes that will enable you to achieve your career objectives.



Your Advisor

The student advisor is at the center of IE University educational experience. They guide students in a person a personalized way throughout their university life to ensure that they achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. The advisors are highly skilled and experienced academics, senior managers and top professionals in a variety of corporations and international organizations.


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Year 1  
Semester 1
• Biological Fundamentals of Behavior
• Methodology of Behavioral Sciences
• Developmental Psychology I
• Business Management
• Psychology as a Profession
• General Ethics - IE Module
Semester 2
• Epistemology
• IE Humanities - IE Module
• Sociology
• Statistics I
• Developmental Psychology II
• Personal Skills- IE Module
Online Period
Internship Option
Year 2  
Semester 1
• Attention, Perception, and Memory
• Motivation and Emotion
• Methods of Research and Intervention
• Developmental Psychology III
• Social Fundamentals of Behaviour
Semester 2

• Economic and Social Environment
• Human Intelligence
• Language and Thinking
• Comparative Psychology
• Statistics II
• Learning Psychology
Online Period
Internship Option
Year 3  
Semester 1
Deontology- IE Module
• Brain and Behavior
• Integration I
• Tests and Measurement
• Diagnostic Techniques
• Personality Theory
Semester 2
• Groups and Organizational Psychology
• Program Evaluation
• Diversity and Individual Differences
• Organizational Skills - IE Module
• Psychopathology
• Decision- Making
Online Period
Internship Option
Exchange Option
Year 4  
Semester 1
• Electives Track
Semester 2
• Final Project
• Internship I
• Integration II
• Elective Track
• Internship II
Internship Option
Exchange Option
Components Credits
• Core Courses 168
• IE Module 18
• Concentration 30
• Internship (4th year, 2nd sem) 9
• Final Project 15
• Credits needed to graduate
Students graduating from an institution in the European Higher Education Area receive two official documents. You will receive the Bachelor in Psychology diploma, as well as the European Diploma Supplement (EDS), which will list all the official courses you have completed.


If you want the chance to view your studies from new perspectives, the exchange option will be of interest to you.You can choose to do an exchange study program for up to two semesters at one of our prestigious partner institutions in North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.
These are just some of the academic institutions which you can choose from to go on exchange:
Jacobs University - Bremen, Germany
Singapore Management University - Singapore
Syracuse University - New York, USA
UST, University of Technology - Sydney, Australia
University of Pretoria - Pretoria, South Africa




You can choose a concentration to specialize in, and obtain a supplemental diploma in that specific area.


Organizational Psychology

An interdisciplinary study of management, communication and social dynamics within the work environment. Learn how to solve practical workplace issues and to apply the principles of psychology to human resources and leadership challenges to improve performance and productivity within an organization.

Positive Psychology

Focus on strengths and identify the aspects which make people and organizations thrive. Discover how to increase and enhance positive meaning and engagement, productivity and well being and to promote flourishing individuals and teams.

Consumer Insights

Learn the processes of how to develop a clear and deep understanding of a consumer’s attitudes and emotions. Reveal hidden needs, identify positioning opportunities, reinforce brand image, and foster communication persuasiveness.

Note: Concentrations will be offered contingent on a minimum number of students.


 IE Module

The IE Module forms a part of every bachelor program, it consists of 4 courses where you will be integrated with students from other fields of study.


Business Management

Learn the fundamental aspects of business operations and management and how to create your own business plan.


Consider reality from different perspectives in order to develop your own point of view.


Understand ethical dilemmas and moral traditions of other cultures and consider your professional impact in society.

Interpersonal Skills

Develop your communication and leadership skills in order to work collaboratively in professional environments.


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02/09/2015. Hamburg (GERMANY)

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Maria Gabriela Cardoza

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Maria Gabriela Cardoza

People here are so friendly. I was a bit nervous at first, as I am experiencing new cultures and meeting people from everywhere around the world. You definitely learn both how to find things in common and things you can learn from each other.