The Dual Degree BBA + Bachelor of Laws is directed to individuals who aim high and expect the best,  students with a wide field of vision who want to combine different areas of knowledge in order to build a holistic view of the world.

This is a challenging undergraduate dual degree program that provides a comprehensive set of skills for the corporate environment and trains students in both international law and business topics necessary to lead effectively public and private organizations at a global level.


The Bachelor in BBA+Law is for...
   Individuals who are...           Looking for...            To become...
…aiming high and expect the best. You are dedicated to your goals and find fulfillment in achieving them. …a challenging and prestigious program that provides you with the complete set of skills you need to lead a successful career in the corporate world.

•an outstanding corporate leader

•a legal advisor in multinational companies

•a lawyer in international settings

•a business leader


“I always wanted to be a decision-maker. My ultimate goal is to lead a firm. Along with business, I am convinced that knowledge in law will serve my goals as an entrepreneur. It also gives me a broader array of possibilities for the future.”

Alexandre, Belgium



Other students say

“I truly believe that the IE University offers the perfect environment that will enable me to become an innovative, decisive and productive entrepreneur, attorney, and global change maker.” Abdel-Latif, Togo/Germany

 “I have chosen the dual degree because I think it is the best way to gain a global vision of the legal and corporate environment.”  Isabel, France


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