Your personalized study path


IE University takes an applied, hands-on and student-centered approach to education. Because our students have unique aspirations and career goals, their study path is also personalized. Students can tailor their academic track, which consist of the core degree components, as well as specific internships or IE Labs, and advanced seminars.

The program foundation consists of core program courses in Business and Law, the IE Module, elective courses, an exchange option and a final degree project of your choice, guided by an advisor. You can find below all these personalized schemes that will enable you to achieve your career objectives.



Your Advisor

The student advisor is at the center of IE University educational experience. They guide students in a person a personalized way throughout their university life to ensure that they achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. The advisors are highly skilled and experienced academics, senior managers and top professionals in a variety of corporations and international organizations.


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Year 1  
Semester 1
• Introduction to Economics
• Financial Accounting
• Mathematics I
• Introduction to Management
• European Legal History
• Constitutional Law
Semester 2
• Cost Accounting
• Microeconomics
• Mathematics II
• Introduction to Marketing
• Public International Law
• Criminal Law I
Social Impact Project
Year 2  
Semester 1
• Management Control
• Macroeconomics
• Statistics for Business
• Finance I
• Introduction to Private Law. Civil Law
Semester 2
• Accounting for Decision Making
• Economic Environment
• Business Decision Making (Econometrics)
• Market Research
• Civil Law. Contracts
• Conflicts and Business Law
• Criminal Law II
  Internship Option
Year 3  
Semester 1
• Finance II
• Strategic Management
• Customer Behavior
• Administrative Law
• European Union Law
• Civil Law. Property
Semester 2
• Electives
• Humanities -IE Module
Exchange and Internship Option
Year 4  
Semester 1
• Law Unplugged
• Labor Law I
• Civil Law. Family, Estate and Trust
• Litigation I
• Administrative Law & Economic Regulation
• Business Law I
• Personal Skills and Management Skills
Semester 2
• Business Law II
• HR Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Taxation I
• Labor Law
• Law Unplugged
• Litigation II
Internship Option
Year 5  
Semester 1
• Law Unplugged
• Taxation II
• Legal Thought
• Production and Operations Management
• Intro to IT/Management Information Systems
Deontology - IE Module
Semester 2
• Final Project (Business)
• Final Project (Law)
• BBA electives
  Internship Option
Students graduating from the Dual Degree program will receive a Bachelor of Laws diploma and Bachelor in Business Administration diploma. In addition, they will receive the European Diploma Supplement (EDS), which will list all the official courses completed.



IE Modules

The IE Module forms a part of every bachelor program, it consist of 4 courses where you will be integrated with students from other fields of study.


Business Management

Learn the fundamental aspects of business operations and management and how to create your own business plan.


Consider reality from different perspectives in order to develop your own point of view.


Understand ethical dilemmas and moral traditions of other cultures and consider your professional impact in society.

Interpersonal Skills

Develop your communication and leadership skills in order to work collaboratively in professional environments.


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If you want the chance to view your studies from new perspectives, the exchange option will be of interest to you.You can choose to do an exchange study program for up to two semesters at one of our prestigious partner institutions in North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

These are just some of the academic institutions which you can choose from to go on exchange:





Rotterdam School of Management, The Netherlands
Stockholm University, Sweden
WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany
Jacobs University, Germany
Mannheim University, Germany
European Business School, Germany
ESSEC, France
EDHEC, France
Sciences Po, France
University of Exeter, UK
Leeds University, UK
Cass Business School, UK
Dublin Quinn School of Business, Ireland
Institute of Business Studies, Russia
University of St. Petersburg, Russia
Sabanci University, Turkey



Sauder Business School, University of British Colombia, Canada
McGill University, Canada
USC, Marshall School of Business, USA
SMU, Cox School of Business, USA
USC, Moore School of Business, USA
Syracuse University, USA
Washington University, Olin School of Business, USA
University of Texas - Austin, USA



Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Singapore Management University, Singapore
Seoul National University, Korea
Meiji University, Japan
University of Melbourne, Australia
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tsinghua University, China
Tongji University, China
Jiao Tong University, Antai School of Management, China
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Universidad de Desarrollo, Chile
IBMEC, Brazil
INSPER, Brazil
EDESP, Getúlio Vargas, Brazil
Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico
PUC, Peru


CBI – Kuwait University, Kuwait
College of Management, Israel
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Ashesi University, Ghana
King’s College, London, United Kingdom
Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands
EBS Law School, Wiesbaden, Germany
Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
New York Law School, New York, USA
University of Miami, Florida, USA
William and Mary Law School, Virginia, USA
EDESPGetulio Vargas, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Final Degree Project

The Final Degree Project is a major part of the fourth year’s curriculum. Students choose their topic with faculty and are guided by their advisor, drawing upon the knowledge the student has gained from specific academic areas and internships or IE Labs projects which the student carried out during their degree program.


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