IE University welcomes Visiting Students from around the world to who wish to spend one or two semesters studying abroad. IE University’s personalized approach to education, and student-centered community, will allow you the opportunity to have a unique, transforming experience.


The Visiting Student Program is offered for 1 semester or 2 consecutive semesters. Visiting Students will have a full-time academic  program which will reflect the rigorous and interdisciplinary focus at IE University. 


Courses and credits


Visiting Students must complete 30 ECTS credits per semester. Students may choose from the variety of courses which are offered, so long as the course schedules are complementary. In addition, students can choose from the Spanish and English language courses offered by the Language Support Services center.

From May to July, most courses are online while students are away doing internships. Visiting Students who will take Architecture courses must attend in the first semester, as from February onwards courses are delivered online.  

IE University grants you full ECTS credits for all the courses offered in this program. Please consult with your home university to ensure that the courses you choose fulfill the academic requirements of your particular program of study in order to transfer the credits.


Useful Information


Candidates must be currently enrolled in a full-time, undergraduate degree program at an accredited university. You must apply as a Visiting Student if your current university does not have a formal exchange agreement with IE University.  


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