The Visiting Student Program is an opportunity for students from around the world to live the IE University experience and be immersed in an international campus while enjoying the lively culture and lifestyle that Spain has to offer. You can study in a relaxed, historical setting, while still being close enough to the capital to enjoy big city life.


Visiting Students are fully integrated with our resident students and enjoy the full range of activities and resources which the University has to offer. As a Visiting Student at IE University you also have access to all extracurricular activities and clubs on campus. With students on campus coming from across the globe, you have the opportunity to make international friends, travel and encounter a host of cultures.



IE University is located in the city of Segovia, twenty five minutes from Madrid. University students enjoy the relaxing and beautiful study environment Segovia offers, and can head to the capital or surrounding cities for weekends and holidays. Many students take advantage of school holidays to take trips abroad, often traveling with friends who act as a personal guide and host in their own countries.



Visiting Students are considered full-time students and therefore have access to all the resources that are offered on campus. This includes:

• membership in clubs

•  activities and sports

• IE Library access

Online Campus  access

Wi-Fi internet on campus

• Language Center

• printing center

• cafeteria

• computer labs

• study rooms



Visiting Students have two accommodation options. They may choose to rent an apartment (alone or shared), or live with a host family. The two accommodation options offer distinct advantages which suit students' preferences and needs. Our Student Office provides information regarding each type of accommodation available and the specific costs.


Cost of living in Segovia

• Room rental in a shared house (without utility bills) €250-350/month

• Apartment rental (2/3 bedrooms) €450-800/month

• Student menu (University Dining Hall) €6.35

• Restaurant Menu €9.50-12.50

• Bus fare (local buses):  €1

• Bus fare to Madrid (one way) €6.70

• Train Fare to Madrid (High Speed) €9.00

• Monthly AVE Train ticket Madrid-Segovia €200.00

• Taxi to AVE Train Station €10.00


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