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Gain professional experience


IE University encourages students to participate in high quality internships that give them professional experience in areas and sectors in which want they to build their career.  


Students in every degree program have the possibility to carry out an internship. Collaborating with companies and organizations in a variety of sectors builds students’ professional connections and gives them a competitive advantage in terms of their future employment.


IE Labs

IE Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional internships. Aimed specifically for first and second year students seeking high level internship placements, the IE Labs provide hands-on, internship-like experience on campus, working on projects for leading companies and institutions in a variety of sectors.

Working in an IE Lab is an excellent way to build your professional profile and gain valuable practical knowledge of different sectors. In addition, students working in IE Labs have direct contact with the managers and directors of leading companies that they are working for, further extending their professional networks.

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Each degree program considers different internship options and/or requirements. In general, most students can carry out one or several internships throughout their degree program.Over 75% of our students participate in an internship program before they graduate, and have the opportunity to work internationally, or in international settings in organizations and companies.

The type of internship that students carry out varies, from working in companies and organizations, to doing research projects and working with a professor. In some degree programs the internships that are carried out could count as credits towards the degree.  The duration and type of internship will determine how many credits are given.


The Online Period

The Online Period allows students to make certain internships compatible with their studies. In some Bachelor programs, one of the semesters may consist of courses delivered online, thus allowing students the possibility of carrying out internships and gain professional experiences while studying.


Planning your internship

As you plan for your internships, your advisor will discuss with you the types of internships that correspond to your professional goals.

Students must find their own internship placements in companies and organizations. In some degrees, where an internship is a required part of the program, IE University will assist students in finding internships and offer a number of options. IE University provides a few placements based on students’ academic excellence.

Throughout the internship periods, an advisor will be in contact with students to monitor their performance and help them get the most from their professional experience.


Students who require further information about internships or exchanges should contact their Degree Director or Advisor.

Candidates who require further information about exchange programs at IE University can find further information here.

Companies and organizations interested in taking part in our internship and exchange programs should contact the Career Management Center:





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