Career Education

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Career Education

This specialized career skills and professional competences training unit works closely with Recruiters Relations, which is familiar with the ins and outs of the most competitive selection processes, and with program managers on each course to develop specific training units for each profile. These units feature programs that develop the skills students will need throughout their careers and focus on areas of interest.


Career Education also works with the Alumni Association and its clubs to plan extracurricular activities that develop these skills, with students and alumni being divided up based on their preferences.


This training is delivered by in-house teachers, talent specialists, recruiters and industry experts from around the world and takes place on campus, at career drives run by the geographical clubs worldwide, and in numerous online activities. Its purpose is to enable students both on campus and online and alumni to keep in touch and constantly update their knowledge and skills.

Career Education is an extension of the individual work done by Career Advisors with each student. Group activities divided by functional area, industry or country are used to:


  • Develop segment-specific skills, competences and knowledge.
  • Bring together in the same forums students, alumni, specialists and recruiters who are interested in a particular area.

The career development units in academic program curriculums include developing personal branding, professional network building skills, interview theory sessions and mock interviews, self assessment sessions, improving communication and negotiation skills, practical tips for students who want to make a career change, and key sessions on work permits and specific geographical areas for students seeking to move to another country.

Career Drives


These are online or in-person events run worldwide and on campus designed to develop knowledge, skills and contacts to enhance the employability of students and alumni.

Career Tracks


Diversity is one of IE’s assets and studying in different environments brings wider knowledge and inspires creativity. However, there are some sectors and areas whose high degree of specialization calls for very specific and thorough training.


Tracks are elective academic programs on the most competitive sectors whose selection processes involve specific tests such as case studies and other requirements. Students who have chosen these sectors are introduced to the requirements, skills and competences of the industry and they work with them on the selection process. Competitions and committees of experts are used to select students who have the most suitable aptitudes for the sector and extra work is done with them to ensure their success in these selection processes.


In a school as diverse as IE, where the enormous variety of academic profiles and professional experience is seen as crucial to the educational process, these tracks better prepare students who want to be highly competitive in industries such as finance, consulting and marketing. Furthermore, this specific training streamlines selection processes in these industries for recruiters.

International Updates


These are programs lasting 3 to 5 days that examine investment opportunities and how business is done in a particular country or geographical area. They combine classes taught by businesspeople who have experience in the region with visits to companies. These programs are held in places such as Shanghai, Dubai and Mumbai and are attended by students and alumni from all over the world.

About Alumni & Careers

To promote an everlasting relationship among the members of the IE community, facilitating a common platform of business, career development and lifelong learning opportunities, with the objective to propel personal and professional development of IE students and alumni, in accordance with the principles and values of IE.