Dean's Pick HST: How Deep-Techs will change our life by Norman Kurtis & Carlos Marquerie

The Vice Dean, Behavior & Human Development, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, Norman Kurtis, will speak with Carlos Marquerie, Director at IE University’s School of Human Sciences & Technology about “How Deep-Techs will change our life.” Carlos Marquerie will use his professional experience in Singapore, Boston, Israel, Latam, Russia and Spain to explain how deep-techs are changing our relationships with intelligent machines and what will happen in this new decade 2020-30.

A 45 minutes session to learn from the experts.


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    Carlos Marquerie

    Director, IE University’s School of Human Sciences & Technology

    Carlos Marquerie currently is a Director in IE University’s School of Human Sciences & Technology where he leads the Bachelor programs in Information Systems Management and Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence.

    Prior to joining IE, Carlos spent 10 years building two global technology startups (SUNN 4i, Moonshot Innovation) that use AI and Data Science to build platforms for driving corporate innovation.  In his roles as Founder and Chief Scientist, he led the development of algorithms, advanced architectures, and AI platforms around innovation ecosystems, creating the first neural innovation taxonomy connecting to industries. His work has been recognized in several international forums, receiving the 1st Award in Selsct USA Investment Summit atWashington.

    Before entering the world of technology startups, Carlos enjoyed a 20-year career in consulting. He served as Director, Partner, and Senior Consultant in top global consultancies like KPMG, PWC (Coopers & Lybrand), Deloitte (Arthur Andersen), Indra and Capgemini. In these roles, he focused on strategic planning and technology-based innovation.

    Carlos has been adjunct professor at IE Business School, CEU Business School, and the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics.   Carlos holds an MBA from IE Business School, a Certificate in International Strategy from London Business School, and has a Bachelor in Laws from Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

    He is PhD candidate in the School of Telecommunications at Polytechnic University of Madrid.

    Carlos is a global citizen who has worked in Spain, Portugal, Russia, USA, Singapore, Israel, and Colombia. He is an accomplished jazz guitarist, and co-founder of Café Berlin jazz club in Madrid.

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    Norman Kurtis

    Vice Dean, Behavior & Human Development, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology

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