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Customer Centricity and Breaking down Business Silos: During this talk we shall discover together what is Customer Centricity and the most relevant enemy of this approach: the business silo mentality. 80% of the companies recognize to suffer a certain level of silo mentality, so we shall discover the consequences of the silo mentality and the way to counteract it.

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    Felipe Amado Quintana Navarro

    Associate Professor of Humanities at IE Business School and IE University

    Felipe Amado Quintana Navarro, Ingeniero Industrial y MBA por el IE Business School. 15 años de experiencia en empresas internacionales (LVMH, Bosch). Profesor del IE University, IE Business School y IE HST desde el año 2004 impartiendo materias como: Operations and Supply Chain Management, Lean Thinking, Customer Experience Management and Sustainability Through Supply Chain Management.

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