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MIM September 2010


The Road to MMT flows the path of events that lead to the Modern Monetary Theory, special emphasis on climate change, the transition to the new economy and the impact on fiscal and monetary polices.


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    Carlos Gallo

    Head of Total Return, Caixabank Asset Management

    Carlos Gallo, Head of Total Return at Caixabank Asset Management, stated his career in the financial markets as pit trader at MEFF RV (Derivatives Stock Exchange) in Madrid 1994. He moved to work as specialist in derivatives sales trading to HSBC Investment Bank and was hired by the Caixabank Asset Management unit in 1998 to start operations in derivatives trading. Carlos has changed his role several times at the company, initially managing Index funds, analyst at the auto and media sectors, manager of technology and telecommunications funds, responsible for European investments, Wealth Management unit and finally Total Return Investments. Carlos has never stopped acquiring knowledge, becoming CFA Charterholder in 2002, and sharing knowledge as professor in CFA programs in collaboration with CFA Spain and Associate professor at IE Business School.

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