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Global Executive MBA November 2014

Session: Enhancement and Enablers of Value Creation and Business Success: The 3 Cs Principle.

In this presentation I will share my reflections on the pillars of success for companies in general and particularly in the context of evolving from the analogical to the digital stage. I will discuss the role of Industry 4.0 technologies as enablers as well as how the 3Cs principles are at the core of success in the new generation of value-added networks and the implications for management.

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    Luis Solís

    Director Advanced Learning Innovation Program, IE Business School

    Luis Solis has more than 40 years of academic experience and is welcomed as a visiting professor at universities in countries such as USA, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Lithuania, Mexico, Egypt, China, Singapore, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Peru.

    For when he teaches his courses in strategic operations management, lean & responsive service operations, supply chain management, project management and quality management, Prof Solis is drawing upon a vast pool of knowledge and experience gained by working with a wide range of companies in USA, Europe, Middle East and Latin America. “I combine theoretical and empirical research models with my work with top industry executives in the real world,” he says.

    He also leads and participates in research initiatives such as Success Factors in Strategic Alliances in Supply Chains in European Industry, Operations Strategy Alignment and its Impact on Non Market Objectives and Business Performance, and Customer Closeness in Supply Chain Configuration.

    He has published his work in journals such as Total Quality Management, the International Journal of Technology Management, and the Service Management Journal among others. “I use my research findings in my class,” he says and explains that he uses selected cases, exercises, simulations, and other resources to create an environment where students have to think about the implications of the concepts, trends and scenarios they are studying. “So I’m encouraging students think holistically. And I always challenge their thinking to find new ways to approach complex and difficult business issues.”

    Professor Solis is an international and guest speaker in conferences and corporate events.

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