Talent Taking Care of Talent Series

Talent Taking Care of Talent


IE Foundation & IE Global Alumni Relations have partnered to bring to you our “Talent Taking Care of Talent Series”.  In these virtual sessions, you will be offered the opportunity to hear firsthand experiences of how the IE Foundation supports the values that IE University proudly upholds and its direct impact on our community, often unnoticed.

We have understood that in order to generate a bigger impact in our society it has become crucial to share more explicitly and clearly our legacy as an agent of change and share what’s ahead thanks to the continued support of our community. We encourage you to come and learn what’s in progress to build a stronger IE Family.


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, lifelong learning and networking are essential tools to stay competitive in the marketplace. With this in mind, we create impactful experiences, specially designed for IE alumni throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events and full calendar of activities below.

Leading with Impact: IE Alumni Stories Challenging the Status Quo

Join us on September 30th for a virtual session hosted by IE Foundation and IE Alumni in which three IE Alumni will share first-hand their experiences and how IE Foundation and IE University inspired them to work on social Development. Once IE students, now founders of their own companies and inspiring leaders.

The Journey of Talent | IE Alumni

The Journey of Talent: From IE Students to Alumni Leaders

In this session – the first of the virtual event series “Talent Taking Care of Talent”, three IE Alumni scholar recipients, shared their personal experiences first-hand.  Discover more about their stories:  Bernhard Niesner – Co-Founder and CEO of Busuu (IMBA 2007), Reine Mbang Essobmadje – CEO of Evolving Consulting, VP of Groupement Iner-Patronal du Cameroun (Global E-MBA 2013) and Natalie Cartwright – Co-Founder, Board Member & COO at Finn Al, (IMBA2011)

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The fund reflects the firm commitment of IE Foundation and IE University to the broader objective of providing the highest quality education to highly qualified candidates from around the world. Visit the website for more information.

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