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General Information
How I can arrange a meeting with a Career Advisor?
  • By phone at 915689621 or send an email to carreras.online@ie.edu

How can I obtain my username and password?
  • Through the following link

How I can be representative of a IE Club?
  • Representatives will be appointed through elections by a majority vote of members registered in the club/chapter in http://portal.ie.edu at least 24 hours beforehand. These elections will be held twice a year. In case of no new nominations, the previous representatives will automatically get re-elected.

    After the elections, a transition period of 6 weeks will be observed wherein the previous club management will maintain their positions and hand over the operations of the club to the new club management.

What do I do if I cannot access the portal?
  • Send an e-mail to alumni@ie.edu with your name, the programme you studied and a detailed explanation of the error you encountered.

Can I change the details that appear in my profile?
  • You can edit almost all the details except the courses studied at IE. The more updated and complete your information is, the better our contact network will be. Update your data here.

Careers Management Centre
How does the CMC help students with their job search?
  • The CMC offers a wide range of job-search information through seminars, on-campus events, and a number of online information resources available exclusively to IE students and alumni.

    The CMC also helps students connect with career opportunities through on-campus recruiting, job postings, CV Books, alumni events, the annual IE Career Fair, and a variety of networking events hosted throughout the year.

When will I begin to have access to job/internship opportunities?
  • All students will have access to potential job and internship opportunities once their program begins. Roles that target their program profile are communicated via email, ensuring that students never miss out on any potential opportunities.

    Three months prior to graduation students will receive lifetime access to the IE Job Bank, with postings ranging from entry-level Master´s positions to senior management roles.

Where and how do I log on to the Careers Website?
  • To log on to the Careers Website, please visit www.careers.ie.edu and enter with your IE student username and password.

How can I make contact with recruiters?
  • Many recruiters schedule presentations on-campus, serve as guest-speakers for CMC related classes, or participate in recruitment events. Students are encouraged to attend these activities and network with the company representatives.

Alumni Association
Who is entitled to alumni status?
  • Everybody who has done a Masters, Executive Development, Senior Management or any other program whose length and academic rigor complies with IE requirements can be alumni.

What is the difference between alumni and member alumni?
  • All alumni can join the Association. To do so, they need to register, accept the articles of association and pay the membership fees. Members have access to activities and specially customised activities. Take advantage of the Association's benefits.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Alumni Association?
  • The IE’s Alumni Association's work and objectives are similar to the values of the whole organization that alumni inherit and make their own. The students and alumni who maintain their links with the Association aim to give back to society and their alma mater what they have received from them, enriching their experience and making it last indefinitely. The Association's benefits

After I graduate, until when can I belong to the Association?
  • Students who make a contribution to the IE Foundation at the start of their Masters program automatically become members and can benefit from all its services and activities throughout their studies and up to two years after their graduation.

    Students on Executive Development programs who contribute to the IE Foundation are members from the start of their studies up to one year after they complete them.

    Students on Senior Management programs and other programs who comply with alumni requirements should register with the Alumni Association.

How can I renew my Alumni Association membership?
  • If you wish to renew your membership, go to the following link

How can I register for the activities I’m interested in?
  • To register for any activity, input your user name and password into the Alumni Agenda.

How can I search for other alumni?
  • Due to the Spanish Data Protection Law (OL 15/99 of 13th December), this search can only be done through the alumni portal

IE Clubs
What is a club?
  • Clubs are a powerful tool for expanding the network of students and alumni based on their interests and serve as a hub for sharing best practices and supporting our graduates’ career development. They also provide a unique opportunity to access highly trained specialist talent.

    There are over 200 clubs and chapters around the world grouped into 4 categories by geography, field, sector and affinity. They provide first-rate, specialized continuous learning in which the initiative and participation of students and alumni plays a crucial role.

What are the IE Clubs?
  • IE Clubs are volunteer-based groups, created by IE students and alumni, to bring together people with similar interests.

    IE Alumni Association will provide continuous support and assistance to all IE clubs. All new IE Club initiatives will be examined and processed by IE Alumni Association, in order to launch new official IE Clubs.

    All IE Clubs have to accredit that the club’s mission and objectives are consistent with the above IE Alumni Association mission and that the club promotes the interests of IE and its students/alumni by maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship.

    IE Clubs will be independent of any political group, political party or religious organization and will operate according to IE Ethics Code.

How can I set up a club?
  • Send an e-mail to clubs@ie.edu and ask for the form used to set up a club. You will have to fill this form in, obtain the support of at least 25 IE students or alumni, and send it back. The proposal will be studied and approved, when appropriate, by the club committee.

What is the Global Alumni Forum?
  • The Alumni organizes the IE Alumni Forum. This Forum is a key event for IE alumni in which key players from the world of the economy, business, institutions, politics, culture and academia share their knowledge and ideas to create a unique occasion which strengthen the networks of all those present. Visit our web.

About Alumni & Careers

To promote an everlasting relationship among the members of the IE community, facilitating a common platform of business, career development and lifelong learning opportunities, with the objective to propel personal and professional development of IE students and alumni, in accordance with the principles and values of IE.