Global Alumni Weekend

You cannot miss out the biggest event of the year for the IE Alumni Community organized every spring in Madrid! The Global Alumni Weekend is the annual homecoming Alumni celebration, with more than 35 masterclasses from our 5 schools to choose from, numerous social activities and more than 10 class reunions it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with places, things and people that changed your lives!

Global Alumni Weekend 2017

The 1st edition of the Global Alumni Weekend (GAW) was held on July 21-23, 2017 and welcomed +880 participants of +55 nationalities back home to our Madrid Campus. The event lasted for 4 days, and offered 45 classes & activities, including 11 Class Reunions that celebrated their 1, 5, and 10 year graduation anniversaries

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Alumni Forum 2016

Challenging Success – More than 1500 participants debated about what a successful world looks like, what success is in the workplace, and how personal success is defined at the Alumni Forum 2016.

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Alumni Forum 2015

Why Innovation Matters? Business leaders, government representatives and entrepreneurs collectively discussed about innovation trends and how to adapt in order to survive and boost our potential.

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Alumni Forum 2013

The power of networking and the strength of ideas was the main topic of the Alumni Forum 2013. Topics such as the App World or the Abduction of Europe were analyzed during the conference.

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Alumni Forum 2012

HRH The Prince of Asturias presided the opening ceremony of the Alumni Forum 2012 where the World’s economic and political challenges were analyzed.

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Alumni Forum 2011

A journey through the world of happiness and the measures governments need to take to deal with the economic crisis were 2 of the topics analyzed in the Alumni Forum 2011.

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Alumni Forum Lima 2011

Key players from the world of politics and entrepreneurship joined us to share their vision of the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship and academia.

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Alumni Forum 2010

Experts like Joaquín Almunia, Luis Rojas Marcos and Bernardo Kliksberg, amongst others, explored ways to exit the economic crisis, fight poverty and manage critical situations from a personal perspective at the Alumni Forum 2010.

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Alumni Forum Cartagena de Indias 2009

What´s the contribution of Latin American companies to the development of Corporate Social Responsibility trends? This and many other questions were addressed at the Alumni Forum, held in Colombia.

Alumni Forum 2008

How long will the recession last in the United States? Are we moving into an economic world that is different from today’s? These and many other questions were addressed at the Alumni Forum 2008.

Alumni Forum México DF 2008

Centered around leadership & networking, the first large-scale event for IE alumni held outside Spain was attended by over 300 people from all over the world.

Alumni Forum 2007

Under the title, managing a changing planet, topics such and natural resources: looking for a sustainable balance or new markets, new cultures were explored.

Alumni Forum 2006

Topics such as new technologies and the expectations revolution, the attention economy or the technology challenge of the XXI century were analyzed at the Alumni Forum 2006

Alumni Forum 2005

Topics such as value creation strategies, engaging customers to create value or creating value for the stakeholder were presented during the Alumni Forum 2005.

Alumni Forum 2004

Managing the technology challenge: topics such as breaking the game rules, the impact of the entrepreneurial model in organizations o networks and alliances were analyzed at the Alumni Forum 2004.

Alumni Forum 2003

Under the motto Corporate Reputation and Diversity: New Business Challenges, we celebrated the first annual conference of IE Alumni on the 26th and 27th of June 2003 in Madrid.

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