Recent Graduate

Congratulations on your graduation from IE! Here are a few important end-of-program wrap-up details. We wish you all the best after graduation and hope to see you back on Campus very soon.

Email for life

Use your IE e-mail account for life and stay connected to IE. We encourage you to use this e-mail account for professional and personal reasons to proudly identify yourself as IE Alum.

Shortly after graduation, you will notice the domain changes to This will not interfere with your e-mail correspondences. You will continue to receive messages addressed to both domains. All your emails will be sent with

Graduation videos

Access the video of this very special day of your IE experience!

Click here to see all graduation videos before 2015.
Click here to see all graduation videos after 2016.

IE Campus Platform

Access the IE Campus Platform for a period of 1 year after graduation. Materials posted on IE Campus have different expiration dates depending on their source. Thereinafter, the links to this material will no longer be available for consultation. Any materials posted by faculty, such as presentations, will be available for a period of 1 year providing the member of faculty in question gives permission to share the content. Please keep these deadlines in mind to ensure you access any material you might need in advance of these expiration dates.

Forgot your username or password?

Go to Forgot your password? to remember your username/password. Your login data is case sensitive and you should only use the username to login. You don´t need to put

Current contact postal information

Make sure your postal address and contact phone number are updated in our system. To update them, please go to the Update your profile section. Use your student username and password.


After graduation all requests for academic verifications, diploma duplicates, pending diplomas or those that are not picked up at Graduation are managed by the Registrar´s Office.
Please adhere to the following standard procedure:

Pending diplomas: You must send an email to, requesting your diploma, including your complete address (including country) and a telephone number to contact you, with scanned copies of your ID or passport. Your diploma will be sent via snail mail (Envialia, costs covered by the Registrar’s Office).

Authorize another person to pick up your diploma: Send an email to with the name of the person and a scanned copy of ID or passport. When picking up the diploma, the authorized person must present his/her ID and a signed authorization at our Registrar’s Office, at María de Molina 4, Monday through Friday, from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Other: English level certificates, exchange transcripts, fulfillment of loan payment, etc., will be sent once corresponding proof is presented from the respective department. For more information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

Official diplomas: if you have applied an official IE University diploma, you will get a message on your email with further instructions to pick it up when is ready (it might take more than 3 years)