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Interview Tips - Nicolás Fernández | IE Alumni

For Alumni by Alumni: Interview Tips

Global Alumni Relations caught up with Nicolás Fernández, a Spanish BBA graduate who developed the following list when he prepared for his interviews.

Nicolás shared his best tips when preparing for an interview in order to help other students and alumni who are about to embark on the interview process. His hope is to provide readers with practical advice that is needed to succeed.

1) Do your background research: Know the specifics of the company: Founders, History, CEO, values, Mission & Vision statements, revenue, profit, share of the market, biggest challenges, biggest opportunities you see, and everything you can do your research about.

2) Use your network connections: Reach out to people that are already working for the company that came from IE University/Business School and ask them questions you might have and share tips if they have any.

3) There are a few questions that you might get asked while in an interview. Some of them are the following: Why do you want to work in this specific company, and more importantly in this role? There are thousands of positions to apply, why this one? – Please, have a prepared answer and focus on company values and the skills that you have and that will create value for the company.

16 Mar 2021


IEU Alumni create Rentchester | IE Alumni

IEU Alumni create Rentchester, a subscription-based start-up ready to disrupt the furniture industry

In November 2019, Adolfo Delibes (BBA 2010) & Ignacio Posadas co-founded Rentchester, the first furniture rental platform in Spain.

15 Mar 2021


Essential Job Skills for 2021 | IE Alumni

Essential Job Skills for 2021

Global Alumni Relations has joined forces with Talent & Careers to give IE students and alumni an inside look at the changing job market and the ...

19 Feb 2021


The sparks that ignited: IE University’s own love stories | IE Alumni

The sparks that ignited: IE University’s own love stories

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share a few stories from IE University alumni who found love at our dear institution.

11 Feb 2021


Grads Give Back - Consumer goods industry | IE Alumni

Grads Give Back: What you need to know about the consumer goods industry

IE University’s most recent Grads Give Back event focused on the consumer goods industry.

09 Feb 2021


Grads Give Back: A look at the world of consulting from IE University alumni

Our Grads Give Back events are exactly as they sound! This exciting series of interactive webinars features successful IE University graduates.

20 Nov 2020