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IEU Alumni create Rentchester, a subscription-based start-up ready to disrupt the furniture industry

IEU Alumni create Rentchester | IE Alumni

In November 2019, Adolfo Delibes (BBA 2010) & Ignacio Posadas co-founded Rentchester, the first furniture rental platform in Spain.

After finishing his BBA degree at IE University, Adolfo wanted to go abroad to gain some international experience and ended up living and working in Dubai as a Retail Strategist for Nike. The seed of entrepreneurship was slowly growing in him and he started his first entrepreneurial journey in 2017 by creating an organic ice-cream company in the UAE as a side business.

Great ideas occur when we face a problem, and that’s exactly what happened to Adolfo. After selling his shares of the organic ice-cream company and while planning his way back to Spain, the founders realized that the whole furniture acquisition process is inefficient, expensive, and time consuming.

“The struggle is not just choosing the furniture, the high-related costs, waiting for the delivery or wasting hours assembling it. The real problem comes afterwards… What to do with the furniture once you have to move again. Currently you can only undersell it, give it away or throw it out. Why not rent it instead?”

Furniture should not be a burden. Rentchester was born to offer the user total flexibility by simplifying the entire process of furnishing a space. The proptech platform offers Furniture as a Service “FaaS” through a flexible subscription model for a fixed monthly fee. Choose the furniture that adapts to your circumstances just for the amount of time you need with the option to add, swap, buy or return it when life or tastes change.

“We go towards a Rentership Society. A world of consumption where we can have it all, but own none of it. Younger generations are no longer buying as many homes or cars, they’re renting clothes, movies, and music, and they’re used to this notion of subscribing, that’s what we do.”

IEU Alumni create Rentchester | IE Alumni

They joined the IE Venture Lab accelerator program back in March 2020, just 2 weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were terrified that the virus would have a negative impact on our recently launched business; however, after months of hard work, and with the help of great mentors, we were able to reshape the Rentchester business model and adapt it to what will soon become the new normal. COVID-19 became an opportunity rather than obstacle!”

Rentchester ended up winning the First Prize at IE Venture Day in July 2020.

The furniture rental platform is currently available in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia and they have big plans for the rest of 2021. They will start operating in other key European capitals.

Rentchester’s goal is to make furnishing a home as simple, flexible, and sustainable as it can be.

*If you are IE Alumni you can get a discount of €25 on the first month of your subscription using the code IEALUMNI