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The IE community stands for Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Technology and Humanities. Thank you to the members of our community that make us proud and inspire us!

Stories of IE Business School (38)

Elena Maran

“Be curious and open: every chance to interact is a chance to learn something new.”
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David de Gea

"When it comes to rigorous academic training, experience-based teachers and symbiosis between the world of business and academia, IE is the best of options."
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Gustavo Maroto Pascual

“Do what you can, from where you are, with what you have.”
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Parth Satish

“Get actively involved in all aspects of university life. Learning & development happen just as much outside the classroom than inside it – this may sound clichéd, but really works!”
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Paula Mora Arias

"Don't doubt yourself, believe in yourself, if you don't, no one else will."
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Nicolo Carpaneda

“Travelers, there is no path in the jungle. The path is made by walking.” -Antonio Machado
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Cairine Haslam

Don’t spend too long deliberating on what industry or role, just make decisions, move quickly and make the most of every opportunity you take. With that you will find even more doors are opened a lot sooner than you expect!
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Mariam Katsanashvili

“The IEU alumni community is like a big family and as a member of that family, you have people nearly all over the world, living and working in some of the biggest companies ready to guide and assist you.”
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Julio Agredano

"Con seguridad tu mundo va a cambiar, prepárate y aprovecha la oportunidad."
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Ashish Dave

CEO at Mirae Asset Venture Investments
“MBA is a tool. How well you use it, is up to you.”
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Sushant Kumar

Founder and CEO at Genefitletics
“Attitude, competence, and execution are three core pillars in conquering the world and to bring positive change in the lives of people. If you have these three, the sky's the limit for you.”
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Mauricio Campos

Head of Digital CEE Pharma & Professional Coach at Novartis
“Where your attention goes, your energy flow… manage your energy, not your time.”
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Nir Hindi

"Creativity is a matter of commitment, not a matter of resources."
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Avril Granados

Director GBS Operations Hire to Retire, Adidas
“Keep your goals in mind, embrace opportunities to try new things, have a great attitude towards learning, and enjoy every minute of it.”
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Maximilian von Hoyningen

Manager Corporate Relations at WWF Germany
“Determine first what you want to get out of the MBA and then focus on that as much as you can.”
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Lukas Mansky

Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
“The time as a university student is truly unique and packed with so many great experiences that one should make the most out of it in every way possible.”
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Belén Moroño Molina-Campuzano

Investment Banking Analyst at UBS
"IE teaches students to analyze issues from different angles and to adapt to this changing environment."
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Astrid Sabrina Bifulco

Leadership Development Program Analyst at Restaurant Brands International
"The best thing about IE was the international and diverse environment. I met so many people from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences."
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Nika Kurdiani

Deputy CEO, TBC Bank
"In these fast-changing times, we must keep ourselves global."
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Rebeca Flores

Media Intern at Nike
"Belive you can, and you’re halfway there."
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