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Alberto Rodríguez Toquero

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IE Alumnus and Mahou San Miguel General Director, Alberto Rodríguez Toquero, has started a global plan to improve the recovery of the hospitality industry in Spain, which has been greatly impacted by this crisis. They are going to provide many of their hospitality clients with water and beer in order to reduce costs in anticipation of a return to business as usual. This extra investment will entail a quantity of around 75 million Euros. Moreover, Mahou San Miguel Foundation has donated personal protective equipment and 275.000 litres of water to hospitals, food banks and soup kitchens, and more than €300.000 to the Red Cross so that they can guarantee food and hygiene to more than 10.000 people experiencing difficulties during this crisis.

Alberto Rodríguez Toquero, Spain


General Director at Mahou San Miguel