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Ana Corina de la Fuente

Alumni Story

Ana Corina de la Fuente was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She lived there until she was nineteen years old, when the country was undergoing a great amount of difficulty, she was offered an amazing academic opportunity and she left for Madrid all by herself. Immigrating was a huge sacrifice but, with the amazing support of her family, she successfully graduated from IE University in 2020 with honors. She is currently working in Madrid in Peninsula Estudio and on a personal project of hers: ArchiTopic.

CEO and founder of ArchiTopic


Spanish & Venezuelan

Current Location

Madrid, Spain


Could you tell us about the application process and how you got your current role?
The application process to get into Peninsula Estudio was simple and personal. From the first meeting, I got to meet my current team, we had an enjoyable conversation and after some time they got back to me with more questions and finally, I received a positive response. I got this position though one of my professors last year who is one of the owners of the studio. We genuinely connected and the process of working with them happened quite naturally.

How did your experience at IEU prepare you for your professional career?
Five years of hard work, sacrifice and commitment studying architecture at IEU gave me much of the skills and aptitudes I need for my professional aspirations. Collaborating with my colleagues in class to produce a professional work, understanding and communicating the problems as class delegate and developing innovative thinking to find creative solutions to complex design problems has shaped me and allowed me to thrive in the professional world, which I have just been introduced to.

What is the competitive advantage that studying at IEU provides or has provided you?
The competitive advantage I have developed is, without doubt, critical thinking. During my architectural degree I learned that this is the only way of improving, growing and developing awareness of one’s work. These critics are opportunities to humble oneself and discover new ways of improvement in order to meet excellence. For me, this is one of the greatest lessons architecture at IE has taught me

Do you have any advice for IEU students and alumni who are looking to pursue a career in architecture and design?
Don’t fear change, feeling fear is just a natural reaction when a big opportunity is coming.

What skills do you consider are needed to succeed in architecture and design?
Patience, curiosity and persistence.

Tell us about the IEU alumni community and the impact they have had in your life and/or career.
IEU Alumni Community means having a strong personal and professional support system. In the personal sense it is like having family member at every corner of the world and, in the professional sense, it means having some extra help, assistance and guidance.

What skills would you recommend job seekers develop in order to make them more competitive in today’s workforce?
Be resilient, today’s changing world demands people who are flexible and capable of adapting to any situation, the world needs people who grow in adversity and make the best of every situation, even when life gets difficult.

What’s the best career advice you have ever been given?
Sometimes you need slow down to go faster.

If someone was considering going to IEU, what would you tell them?
Life is giving you a big opportunity, grab it and don’t let it go. Be conscious of how fortunate you are, this is a big gift life is giving you: make the most of it.

Why did you choose the Bachelor of Architectural Studies at IE University?
I come from a creative family, I was raised looking at both of my parents solving architectural problems creatively, watching my uncle build art pieces with natural materials he found at the beach and my cousin becoming a famous illustrator. My love for architecture has always been there, I did not even consider any other degree. IE University opened the doors to a space where I had all the tools to be as creative as I wanted in an amazing country filled with opportunities.