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Elisa Barbaglia

Alumni Story

Elisa an Italian citizen of the world, has lived all over the world, including places such as Dubai, Lagos, and Paris and speaks four languages. She completed several internships in different sectors of communications such as, journalism, photography, and marketing. Having graduated from the Communications and Digital Media program at IE in 2019, she worked as a sub-editor for the English version of the scientific Spanish magazine Muy Interesante.




Program studied

BCDM 2019

Current Location

Madrid, Spain



Could you tell us about the application process and your role at Zinet?
My application process at Zinet began through the IE Career services. I received notice of the job opportunity through the weekly emails from the Career office and quickly submitted my CV through the Career platform. My role at Zinet was that of a sub-editor, in which I had to draft and publish content, coordinate the editing activities of the collaborators, consultants, and contributors, supervise the content of the website, as well as, writing and publishing content.

How did your experience at IEU prepare you for your professional career?
I feel that I was as ready as I possibly could be after graduating from IE for my professional career due to the diligent professors that guided us into learning and developing skills we might have been unaware that we had, as well as the various classes that were provided so that students (at the end of their four/five years) could be sure of which direction they wished to take their professional career in. Having studied in the BCDM program, in my four years at IE, I took very diverse classes including photography, journalism, cultural studies, marketing, and various other courses which fully prepared me in deciding what direction I wanted to take my professional career in.

What is the competitive advantage that studying at IEU provides or has provided you?
I think the competitive advantage IEU provides us is the constant interaction with international students, its varied courses which further prepares students for their eventual professional career, and the career services, which provide extra aid in finding internships and helps you jumpstart your professional career upon graduation.

Do you have any advice for IEU students and alumni who are looking to pursue a career in Communications?
My advice for any IEU students that are looking to pursue a career in communications would be to get comfortable in adapting yourself in different (and often challenging) situations, know your strengths in the sector of communications and take advantage of them and be comfortable with always needing to learn new things – the communications industry is constantly changing and therefore you need to be willing to always learn new things.

What skills do you consider are needed to succeed in your field?
Some of the skills I consider imperative to be able to succeed in the field of communications are: reading, notetaking, and listening skills (make sure you can read at a relatively quick pace, can take good structured notes, and always listen), flexible writing (you should be able to adapt your writing style in order to best benefit the project you are working on), and having a learning mind-set – the field of communications is always changing and growing, especially with technology, so you need to be ready and willing to always learn.

Why do you think it’s important to engage with the IEU alumni community?
I think it’s important to engage with the IEU alumni community not only to possibly gain opportunities in your professional career, but also to maintain the relationships built throughout our university’s years. At IE the concept of community is important and that doesn’t end once we graduate, learning how to cultivate and maintain relationships is also an important skill to have in the workforce.

What skills would you recommend job seekers develop in order to make them more competitive in today’s workforce?
Skills that I would recommend having in order to become more competitive in the workforce are: basic technology skills like Excel, Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) are necessary skills in today’s job market, being able to communicate effectively, collaborating well with others (being a team-player), adapting well and quickly to challenging situations, and being comfortable with social media.

What’s the best career advice you have ever been given?
The best career advice I have ever been given is that I should embrace my mistakes instead of fearing them, it is the only way to learn and grow.

If someone was considering going to IEU, what would you tell them?
If someone were considering going to IEU I would tell them it is the right place to be at if you want to constantly challenge and push yourself to do better, explore various different areas in which you could want to pursue your professional career, be involved in multicultural groups throughout all your years at IE and it is the best place to further develop or engage in activities and skills outside of scholastic ones (due to all the extracurricular activities provided for students).

Why did you choose the BCDM program at IE University?
I chose the BCDM program at IE University because it offers the students the opportunity to try out different sectors in communications and further develop yourself in the areas you wish to do so.

What is one thing you wished you knew, when you were a student?
One thing I wish I knew when I was a student was to not constantly compare myself to other students, it’s alright to do things at your own pace and in your own way. Distinguish yourself instead of following the crowd.