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Ivon Rodriguez

Alumni Story

With experience in business development, general management, and marketing, Ivon's diverse background stems from her love of entrepreneurship, business innovation, and concept creation. Ivon graduated from Brown University with a double major in International Relations and Hispanic Studies and holds a joint Executive Masters in Business Administration from Brown University and IE Business School. She is currently pursuing an Executive Ph.D. at Virginia Tech in Business with a marketing focus.

Ivon has been instrumental in the start-up phase of numerous television stations including Telemundo Boston, Telemundo Hartford, Telemundo Providence, and the Caracol Television Miami station. While engaged in studies with the IE Brown Executive MBA, she served as the Vice-President of Marketing for the private, non-profit Smithsonian affiliate, HistoryMiami Museum. She served as the Managing Director for IE University overseeing the growth of the institution and its programs in the Southern US and Caribbean. Until recently she served as the Chief Marketing Officer of The 360 Group, a marketing firm focused on entertainment and innovation. She currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Linqto.

A Miami native, Ivon is active in her community through leadership roles at various organizations and serves as the Chair of the South Florida Digital Alliance and Vice-President of Communications for the Brown University Latino Alumni Council.

Chief Marketing Officer, Linqto



Program studied

IE Brown EMBA, 2016

Current Location

Silicon Valley, California, USA/Miami, Florida


What three words would you use to describe IE alumni.
Bold, Friendly, Curious

Define your experience in the IE Brown EMBA in one word.

You just started at Linqto, tell us about your day-to-day at work.
The Linqto team works remotely from different regions in the US and various countries. Thankfully, the brilliant team at Linqto has been fostering a positive remote work culture for many years. Because of this, engaging with the team is filled with the same level of creativity and engagement that would take place in a vibrant office setting.

How was it transitioning into a new position during COVID?
If COVID has taught us one thing it’s that impermanence is constant and adaptability is necessary. Thankfully, I have been working with teams virtually and globally for years and especially since my experience with the IE Brown EMBA.

How did your experience at IE prepare you professionally and personally?
IE engaged my curiosity in exponential ways by allowing me access to a global network and limitless opportunities to engage with the community.

Do you have any advice for IE students and alumni who are looking to pursue a career in your field? What skills do you consider are needed to succeed in your field?
Keep an open mind… regardless of industry, tech is flourishing. Find ways to reconnect your more traditional skillsets with the evolving trends of today’s world.

Tell us about the IE alumni community and the impact they have had in your life and/or career.
I’ve had the honor of diversity among my friendships for as long as I can remember, but it was my experience at IE that truly wove that global family of friendships for me. Regardless of where I travel to now, there is an IE friend or connection waiting on the other side.

Why do you think it’s important to engage with the IEU alumni community?
The more we connect with the alumni community, the more we engage with the endless learning that abounds within that community.

What skills would you recommend job seekers develop in order to make them more competitive in today’s workforce?
Perhaps one that is not top ranked, but that I consider very important is mindfulness. It is through skills such as mindfulness that we allow for learning and engagement to sink in at all hours and through any scenario.

What’s the best career advice you have ever been given?
Effective communication must begin with active listening.

If someone was considering going to IE, what would you tell them?
(For EMBAs) If you’re looking to connect globally, while continuing to make an impact locally, then IE is the right choice for you.

What is one thing you wished you knew, when you were a student? What advice would you give to students who are about to begin the program?
I wish I would have been aware of all the graduate programs available at IE… and the reality that ALL of the students and alumni of those programs are ALSO part of the vast IE network. I would have started connecting to them sooner.

What was your favorite memory from your time at IE?
The wonderful connections and conversations that would take place after class and, more often than not, very late into the night.