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Jale Sari

Alumni Story

Jale Sari is originally from Turkey where she completed her studies as an Urban Designer and Landscape Architect, she moved to Germany to do a Masters of Landscape Architecture. She finally joined IE School of Architecture and Design and graduated from the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces in March 2017.

Jale is currently a chartered Landscape Architect based in Perkins and Will’s office in Dubai, but she has also worked at AECOM and Gensler developing the same activity and also based in the United Arab Emirates.

Landscape Architect at Perkins and Will’s



Program studied

MSD 2017

Current Location

Dubai, UAE


I am currently working with one of the biggest developers in Abu Dhabi to create their landscape and architectural design guidelines for residential and retail purposes. It feels different to be on the other side and being able to control and guide the design process without limiting the creativity.

We are also looking into developing a retail strategy as part of a masterplan exercise that integrates public realm and retail to create programmed spaces that is active all year long.

What I like the most about working at Perkins and Will is that it is a place for talented professionals from all over the world who are connected either physically in the same office or online to create, research and engage with their clients or the surroundings in order to get the right approach for each project. I like that nothing has been granted but ideas get challenged all the time because of the diverse team we have in which people have different skills and points of view.

I think that the most important skill that took me here is engaging my curiosity on the design process!

Exposing myself to the different creative processes helped me develop a particular perspective to approach my day-to-day job as a landscape architect. I believe that the design process is not a single discipline’s task but rather the creation of these continuous experiences throughout different spaces.

My work experience and studies helped me to develop unique ideas and to initiate conversations with the right people to put them into practice.

The Master in Strategic Design of Spaces exposed me to this intense experience of networking and learning from the people that are the best at what they do, and then immediately apply it into the design to get feedback. You never approach the design process in the same way again.

I learned that there is always so much you can bring in to create spaces that motivate people to engage with their environment – which is my ultimate goal when designing anything!