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Tanvi Mehta

About me

Originally from Chandigarh, Tanvi grew up admiring the ‘concrete’ architecture which in turn enriched her in understanding architecture and space planning.
She completed graduation from Chandigarh College of Architecture in 2012. With 3 years of professional experience in India, Tanvi worked her way up from an assistant architect to a project head and learnt a lot with different types of work, responsibilities, projects and sites.
Then came a point where she had to decide between a growing job and the path-changing masters at IE.
She chose to join the Master in Business for Architecture and Design at IE School of Architecture and Design and she has never looked back.

Tanvi Mehta


Community Design Manager at Livspace.com



Current Location

New Delhi (India)


Currently, I am happily working as community design manager at Livspace.

I am involved in building the community of designers in the entire Delhi region. I am leading a team of about 15 designers and I manage overall project health, PNL and business.

I am involved in so many projects and tasks that mentioning only one would be quite difficult. Still, my favorite thing to do right now is kick starting the Livspace commercial interiors in Delhi. This will be a new vertical space altogether. I really like the challenge of working with new clients, understanding their requirements and helping build the space they are happy to use.

I have transitioned from being a designer to managing a team of designers and learnt a wholesome approach of how things work in AEC industry. I think i gained a lot of self-confidence and perspective while studying the Master in Business for Architecture and Design by moving out of my comfort zone.

The skills that got me through were definitely hard work and consistency. Some of the courses we had in the masters, such as Strategic Design Thinking and Communications, helped me a lot and made me grow both professionally and personally.

At Livspace, what I love most is the culture of the company! Each people manager is an entrepreneur in himself and independently takes care of his or her

business. Everyone is reachable top down making it the most flexible environment of working with like-minded people.

The most important aspect that factored in my growth at IE School of Architecture and Design was the wide range of highly driven professionals from around the world. We were 20 people from 20 different countries each with a story of our own, successful and wanting to create a mark in whatever they were doing.

The energy that we had was out of the world and every day was a new positive start. I have been implementing the same ideology in life – it is always one day or day one, choice is yours!