Global Alumni Relations Advisory Board

Meet The Members of the GAR Board

The Global Alumni Relations Advisory Board members have a special and distinguished role within the IE community. Their dedication is essential in helping to enhance our strategic outreach and increase alumni engagement within our network—all efforts are made with the goal of collectively strengthening our community.
Profile - Andrew Maloney Andrew Maloney

Director & CEO The Mac Resources Group

Profile - Antonio Alonso Salterain Antonio Alonso Salterain

Chairman at Exterior Plus

Profile - Bernhard Niesner Bernhard Niesner

Co-founder & CEO of Busuu

Profile - Fernando Barnuevo Sebastian de Erice Fernando Barnuevo Sebastian de Erice

CEO BigBlue Capital Holding LLC

Profile - María Sanchiz María Sanchiz

Socia responsable de Empresa Familiar en PwC

Profile - Nabila Toubia Morcos Nabila Toubia Morcos

Senior Advisor Strategic Allignment , Organization Development, Talent Management and OrganizatioOwner, EN-CAPS Consult

Profile - Nika Kurdiani Nika Kurdiani

Deputy CEO, TBC Bank Commercial Banking | Fintech | Branding | Platform Businesses | Payments

Profile - Ramón Martín Ramón Martín

Global Advisor, Investor, Boardmember

Profile - Roxana Hidan Roxana Hidan

Harvard and IE Alumna, C-Level Executive, Self-aware & Inspirational Leader

Profile - Souheil Hajjar Souheil Hajjar

Chief Executive Officer, Majid Al Futtaim Trust

Profile - Svetlana Obruchkova Svetlana Obruchkova

General Manager at L'Oréal


Nika Kurdiani

Get to Know Nika Kurdiani

In these fast-changing times, we must keep ourselves global.

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Crisis Leadership - Ramón Martín

Crisis Leadership: Lessons from the Frontline with Ramón Martín

How do leaders navigate their teams in times of crisis? With decades of experience guiding organizations such as American Express, DHL, and Visa through multiple crises, including several hurricanes, 9/11, the corralito in Argentina or the last financial crisis, Ramón Martín will share his personal views on the key pillars of inspiring people through a crisis.

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Bernhard Niesner

IE Alumni making a difference

Bernhard Niesner, CEO & Co-founder of Busuu launched “Keep Kids Learning during Covid times.

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