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Bart Wauters


Bart Wauters



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Assistant Professor, Law

Professor Wauters lectures on European Legal History and Legal Thought at IE University since 2011. His research activities focus on the history of the concept of property, the history of legal theory and the history of Church-State relationships. His most recent book (in co-authorship with Marco de Benito) appeared in 2017: The History of Law in Europe: an Introduction (Edward Elga).

Academic Background

• Ph.D Legal History, University of Leuven
• Master in Canon Law, University of Leuven
• Master in History, University of Leuven

Professional Experience

• Professor of Law, IE University
• Member of the Board of Directors, Miko NV
• Director of Public Affairs, Grayling
• Professor of Law, University of Antwerp
• Assistant professor of Law, University of Leuven

Latest publications

• Wauters, B. (2019). “Revolution and the Instrumentality of Law: Theories of Property in the American and French Revolutions”. In Gałędek, M., Klimaszewska, A. (Eds.). Modernisation, National Identity and Legal Instrumentalism (Vol. I: Private Law). Brill.
• Wauters, B. (2019). “Lessius and Grotius on property”. In Dondorp, H., Schermaier, M., Sirks, B (Eds.). De rebus divinis et humanis. V&R Unipress.
• Wauters, B. (2018). “Lus Commune and Contract Law”. In De Elizalde, F. (Eds.). Uniform Rules for European Contract Law? A Critical Assessment. Hart Publishing.
• Wauters, B. (2017). Grotius, necessity and the sixteenth-century scholastic tradition. Grotiana, Vol. 38 (1): 129-147.
• Wauters, B., Benito, M. (2017). “History of the Law in Europe: An Introduction”. Elgar.