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Javier González Úbeda


Javier González Úbeda


Accounting & Management Control

Professor of Practice, Accounting & Management Control

“As a professor my forte lies in my extensive professional and teaching experience, which permits me to use real-life examples and point out the many differences between theory and practice.” Professor Javier González-Úbeda has spent three decades sharing his experience in IE classrooms with senior managers. Before joining IE in 1988 he worked with Wells Fargo, the Saudi-Spanish bank and hydraulic company Parker Hannfin. Since then he has maintained close relations with the corporate world through consulting services, first with MAC Group and later with Palladium and Everis Consulting. Today, he continues consulting projects on a personal basis with in areas such as Strategy, Management Control and Organizational Change.

He is one of IE’s most prolific professors. He teaches on nearly all IE programs and is a visiting professor at Deusto University (San Sebastian Campus) and Valencia University. He is an expert in cost systems, management control, balanced scorecards and organisational change. He has also collaborated with the University of Medellín, la Católica, University in Bogotá and Anauhac University in Mexico.

He holds a degree in Economics and business studies, and  an MBA from IE and is currently a PhD candidate at Madrid’s Autónoma University . He is also a member of the AECA’s (Spanish Accounting and Business administration Association) commissions on accounting and management, and organisation and systems. He is also a member of the European Accounting Association and heads Ineco’s management committee. For twelve years he headed IE’s control department and was director of the Master of Finance for almost a decade.

Professor Gonzalez-Ubeda has authored 20 teaching notes and two articles published in the Harvard-Deusto journal. Two years ago he completed extensive research into strategy implementation. In his own words: “I design information systems, not from the point of view of a computer programme, but rather by analysing the information needed to undertake a specific course of action”. Professor Gonzalez-Ubeda has channelled his experiences into his books Management Accounting Today: New Developments and Elements of Management Accounting.

Academic Background

• PhD Candidate in Business Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)


• Degree in Economic Sciences, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

Professional Background

• 1989 – 2003: Chair, Accounting and Management Control, IE

• 1988 – 2001: Director of the Master of Finance and Control, IE

• Member,  Management Accounting Priniciples Committee, AECA

• Member, Organization and Systems Committee, AECA

• Member of the European Accounting Association

• 1980 – 1988: Assistant General Director, Wells Fargo, Banco Saudí Español and Parker Hannfin

Academic and Research Experience

• Professor of Cost Systems & Management Control, IE, Madrid (Spain)

• Visiting Professor for the following universities: Universidad de Deusto (San Sebastián),  Universidad de Valencia, Anahuac (México), Eafit (Colombia)

• He has participated (co-author) in the following books: La Contabilidad de Gestión Actual: Nuevos desarrollos and Elementos de Contabilidad de Gestión

• He has written about 20 technical notes and two articles published in Harvard-Deusto