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Juan Antonio Pérez-Campanero Fernández


Juan Antonio Pérez-Campanero Fernández




Juan Pérez-Campanero is an economist, with graduate degrees in Economics from The University of Chicago and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He was a Fulbright Scholar and held grants from Bank of Spain, Spanish Ministry of Education and The University of Chicago.

He has taught at several universities and business schools, and has been a Finance and Economics instructor for the Bank of Spain staff training program and for the European Commission.

He also sits on the advisory board of the main Spanish financial newspapers (Expansión & Actualidad Económica) and is a founding member of OBCE (Observatory of the European Central Bank, a Spanish shadow policy committee, which also grants the yearly Bernacer Prize in Economics). He has been a frequent contributor to the economic and financial press.

He has worked as an economist and consultant for multilateral agencies (The World Bank, IMF, European Commission) and acted as deputy director of the research foundation FEDEA.  He has served in different capacities at several financial institutions: in economic research at J.P. Morgan, as head of financial markets and member of the management committee for Caixa Galicia, a Spanish regional S&L. For the last 23 years, he has worked at Banco Santander, where he was Managing Director in the Research Department at the Santander CIB (Corporate and Investment Banking) Division of the bank, and presently works in the International Supervisory Relations function at the Financial Division of Santander Group.

Corporate Experience

• Finance Director, International Supervisory Relations, Santander Financial Division, Spain, 2015-Present

• Member of Advisory Council, Expansión & Actualidad Económica, Spain, 2005-Present

• Managing Director, Economic Research, Santander Corporate and Investment Banking, Spain, 1996-2015

• Head of Strategic Planning and Financial Markets, Caixa Galicia, Spain 1995-1996

• VicePresident, Economic Research, J.P. Morgan, UK & Spain, 1993-1995

• Deputy Director, FEDEA, Spain, 1989-1993

• Consultant, Latin America and the Caribbean Department, The World Bank, USA, 1992

• Intern, Central banking Department, International Monetary Fund, USA, 1987

• Intern, Office of the VicePresident, The World Bank, USA, 1986

Academic Experience

• Adjunt Professor, Economic Environment, IE Business School, Spain, 2016-Present

• Associate Professor, International Banking & Finance, CIFF, Spain, 2007-2011

• Associate Professor, Economics & Finance, IEB, Spain, 2005-2009

• Associate Professor, Banking & Financial Markets, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain, 2000-2005

• Associate Professor, International Economics, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain, 1996-1998

• Associate Professor, Industrial Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, 1991-1993

• Instructor, Bank of Spain Staff Training Center, Spain, 1990-1993

• Assistant Professor, Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 1984

Academic Background

• ABD (All But Dissertation), Economics, The University of Chicago, USA, 1989

• Master of Arts, Economics, The University of Chicago, USA, 1987

• Fulbright Scholar, The University of Chicago, 1986-1988

• Bank of Spain Scholarship for study at The University of Chicago, 1984-1984

• Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Universidad Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 1981