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Mariano Álvarez Diente


Mariano Álvarez Diente


Information Systems & Technology

Mariano Álvarez has a broad professional experience in the IT industry where he has assumed roles across the complete lifecycle of IT projects, from conceptualization, design and delivery. His regular collaboration as instructor at IBM provides him with an extensive experience as faculty. Professor Álvarez currently complements his activity as faculty with responsibilities in diverse telecommunication projects for the public and private sectors and has lectured for Institutions such as CNP (Cuerpo Nacional de Policía) and Universidad de Valladolid. Current focus is with initiatives in the areas of digital transformation, Internet of Things, Big Data & Advanced analytics, Mobile and network deployment as consultant. This enables him to acquire, also on the field, the depth and breadth of knowledge required to be current and successful in the complex IT world. Apart from his education as Telecommunication engineer, he has also an education and background in Humanities and frequently highlights in his lectures how important it is to focus on technology as an enabler of human evolution. In his view, technology is only useful if the human kind is able to thrive through it. Professor Álvarez always encourages students to explore the uses of technology in developing and expanding niche markets for entrepreneurship while keeping the welfare of our modern society and the right to our individual freedom.

Corporate Experience

• Freelance, Spain, 2003-present

• IT instructor, IBM Global Services, Spain, 2004-present

• Engineer (solar energy projects), Solyven Company, Spain, 2004-2005

• Acoustic engineer, Ayuntamiento de Valladolid, Spain, 2006

Academic Experience

• Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Technology, IE University, Spain, 2010-Present

• Visiting Professor, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 2016

• Instructor, IBM Global services, 2004 – present

Academic Background

• Bachelor and Master in Telecommunication Engineering, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 2000

• Bachelor and Master in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 2010

• Master in E.S.O, Bachillerato, Professional training and languages teaching, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 2010

• Master in Philological studies: professional/business applications, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 2012

• Candidate Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D). Discourse Analysis on Smart Cities. Expected 2022