Humans of IE

We’re active. We’re out there. We’re future focused with forward momentum. We’re a single entity of jaw-dropping ideas, an exciting range of experiences.

Our people in all their diversity. Our people in all their exceptionality. Our people make us who we are, so we made a place for them. We are IE Business School.

Stories of International MBA (19)

Roy, US

Adjunct Professor, Strategy
“IE Business School seems to be highly talented at finding both academics and practitioners from around the world to deliver great learning experiences for its students.”
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Rodrigo, Peru

CEO of Tierra Viva Hotels
“IE Business School offers the options you need to specialize and take advantage of the courses that best match your interests.”
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Philippe, Canada

Postgraduate student
“You have to take pride, do things the right way and enjoy the process of working towards your goals, or you’ll never reach them.”
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Alejandro, Ecuador

Managing Director, PedidosYa
"I believe IE Business School provides the best all-round experience for people wanting to get a program from a top-tier school."
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Cristian, Peruvian

Founder of
“Networking at IE University is impressive, not only because of the diversity of your colleagues, but also because of the Madrid lifestyle.”
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Ocean, USA

Co-founder and CEO of Swaggle
"IE Business School’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship pushes you to challenge the status quo and to influence this world positively."
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Sabina, Azerbaijan

Strategy Director at Demtech
“IE continuously puts you in these situations that allow you to work with people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures.”
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Kevin, Germany

Project Manager in digital-first projects at GSK
"During my time at IE Business School, I gained so much energy by learning to understand and consider my classmates’ points of view, and this became a big part of the learning experience for me."
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Georgine, Switzerland

Managing Director, Head B2B Technology Services at Sygnum Bank
"Looking back, I don’t think that I would have been able to manange all of the tasks from my first job to the same quality I did without my education from IE Business School."
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Aida, Bosnia / Germany

Founder, CEO and Board Advisor
"Studying the International MBA was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself in regard to experience, people and learning."
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Alessandro, Peru

Executive Director at Menorca Inversiones
Our main goal is to make a social difference and take care of the environment through sustainable practices while supporting our own families, since it is a private business.
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Ahsan, Pakistan

Partner at AI.42, Equal.42 and Datatouch.42
Business is not about winning or losing, it’s about a lifestyle.
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Felipe, Brazil

Vice President of the IE Out & Allies Club
"Throw yourself out there and go find out what really motivates you. And don’t be afraid of spreading yourself too thin: the more things you get involved in, the closer you will get to finding your true passion."
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Asif, Israel

President of the IE Out & Allies Club
"The IE Out and Allies represents all the marginalized groups within our community. Not only LGBT. We advocate for people with disabilities and for ethnic minorities as well. The IE Out and Allies club makes a change by creating new opportunities for its members and by creating a safe and conducive environment in which everyone can thrive."
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Nadim, Lebanon-Canada

Founder of 2030 Cabinet
"Be sure to open your mind, because we need multidisciplinary approaches and skills to solve big challenges."
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Ellis, United States

President of the IE Out & Allies Club
"Be ready to fight and work hard. Changing your career will not be easy. You will really need to put yourself out there to connect with people and let them get to know you."
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Ricardo, Mexico

Outbound / Pathways Operations Manager at Amazon
"I have personally changed my perspective to one with an entrepreneurial mindset, which I never had before."
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Siddhartha, United Arab Emirates

Operations Excellence Manager at Averda
“My career interest has always been to work in industries that have direct impact on environment and are focused on sustainability.”
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Thiago, Brazil - United States

International Business Development Executive at Mahou San Miguel
"Working in consumer goods is new to me and I am enjoying working with a broad range of stakeholders to achieve our growth objectives."
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