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LinkedIn Live: Digital Democracy Needs an Enlightened “Ethosphere”

LinkedIn Live: Digital Democracy Needs an Enlightened “Ethosphere”

Elena Herrero-Beaumont discussed risks internet poses to democracy.

Elena Herrero-Beaumont, Founder of Ethosfera and former IE Adjunct professor, joined the IE Business School’s LinkedIn Live and spoke about her recent article Digital Democracy Needs an Enlightened “Ethosphere” published by the IE Insights Journal.

Hosted by Amelie de Marsily, Academic Director of IE University’s Center of Health, Well-being and Happiness. Who held a conversation with Herrero-Beaumont on how her article linked to what is taught at the center.

“Millions of citizens in this global digital democracy are building their own reality mostly based on radical opinions and beliefs and unfortunately on disinformation and fake news.”

Elena Herrero-Beaumont

Herrero-Beaumont said strengthening democracy was key to confronting the current problem.

“We are at a critical juncture. I do think that education is going to be a major solution to the problems we are facing,” she said. “I do believe that education in democracy, what democracy means, and how democracy is linked to our well-being as citizens in this global world that we are living, is the pathway because there is a tremendous risk that the leaders of these technology platforms will decide for us our destiny.”

Followed by an audience Q&A, the attendees were then able to ask questions related to digital democracy.


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