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Four Lessons from IE Mentor Recognized in Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain | IE Business School

Four Lessons from IE Mentor Recognized in Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain

EMBA alum Aline Gomez-Acebo shares takeaways from her career.

23 Nov 2021


Transformational Leaders
Udochuku Richson | IE Business School International MBA 50th Class

Udochuku Richson: A passion that knows no limits

Udochuku “Udo” Richson is one of those people who never slows down. The Austrian-born International MBA graduate has been recognized time and ...

19 Jul 2021


Transformational Leaders
Valentina Llinas | IE Business School International MBA 50th Class

Bringing women to forefront: Valentina Llinas’ path to success

For Valentina Llinas, experiencing the world through work has always been a priority. Being part of a large family whose nomadic lifestyle took them ...

12 Jul 2021


Transformational Leaders

Transcending borders: Estela Ping Ye overcomes cultural differences

Hailing from China, Estela Ping Ye acquired a desire early on to explore the world around her. Growing up, she learned Spanish at school, which ...

05 Jul 2021


Transformational Leaders

David Kiang: binding synergies between internet and healthcare

Hailing from Hong Kong, David Kiang went to college in the United States before attending IE Business School in Madrid, where his focus on ...

04 Jul 2021


Transformational Leaders

“Be passionate”: Sebastian Figueroa details his keys to success

For Sebastian Figueroa, Vice President of the South American team and Head of Wealth for Chile at global asset management firm BlackRock, passion is ...

04 Jul 2021


Transformational Leaders

Working toward sustainability: Dale Hobson’s mission to take risks

Dale Hobson works in an industry that infuses all aspects of our lives, from the beverages we drink to the perfume we wear and the candles we burn.

28 Jun 2021


Transformational Leaders

Setting her sails: How Emma Heslop’s love for the sea shaped her career

They say that the key to great work is being passionate about what you do. In Emma Heslop’s case, her inherent love for nature has served as a ...

21 Jun 2021


Transformational Leaders

Driving change: Sebastian Mackensen’s road to success

Originally from Germany, Sebastian Mackensen’s two-decade career in the automotive sector, working for brands like Porsche, Audi and BMW, has ...

14 Jun 2021


Transformational Leaders

Tatsuya Izumi: How to embrace change and empower individuals

Someone wise once said: “The only constant is change”—and Tatsuya Izumi is someone that embraces that.

07 Jun 2021


Transformational Leaders

Striving for sustainability: Albert Ishak on working towards the future

Born in Australia and raised in Indonesia, Albert Ishak’s international experience inspires him to make the world a better place one business at a ...

31 May 2021


Transformational Leaders

Vagner Paes’ passion for serving others and embracing cultural diversity

Working with people has always been a part of Vagner Paes’ DNA. Originally from Brazil, Vagner started working alongside his immigrant family at a ...

24 May 2021


Transformational Leaders