Master in Visual & Digital Media - The program

The Visual & Digital Media Master's Degree

The Master in Visual and Digital Media is a 10-month program divided into 3 terms, each addressing the key skills and knowledge areas required of a new generation of leaders who fuse original creative insights with strategic vision. The program is eminently hands-on and connects students to the real world through a practical final project developed throughout the academic year with one of the most prestigious communication agencies in the world.

This program also has an optional Global Immersion Week , an international study trip where students from our five full-time masters in MARCOM attend curated masterclasses, visit innovative companies, network with local and global like-minded executives/peers and explore new cultures. 
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Amazon Web Services Academy

When you join IE Business School, you are signing up for a front-row seat on the cutting edge of tech innovation. We collaborate with many of the biggest international organizations that are transforming our world. And now we have partnered up with AWS Academy to provide our students with access to courses that help them prepare for in-demand jobs and AWS Certifications.

The Master in Visual and Digital Media always strives to go one step further to meet the high demand of the business world today. With this in mind, the program now gives you the exclusive opportunity to enroll in Amazon Web Services Academy courses. Unlock your potential with AWS Academy courses, such as Cloud Foundations and Data Analytics. These courses open the door to AWS Certifications, giving you yet another opportunity to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations

This introductory course provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. With over 20 hours of course content, it prepares students to pursue an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

AWS Academy Data Analytics

These lab exercises teach students how to conduct Big Data analysis with practical, real-world examples. The labs and learning resources are designed to supplement an institution’s existing data analytics courses and provide students with hands-on experience working with data at scale. Geared toward students interested in pursuing careers in data analysis, AWS Academy Data Analytics requires a strong foundation in IT concepts and skills, and is made up of seven-and-a-half hours of content.


Hands-on methodologies will teach you the larger implications of creativity in the business world and society, along with with the more technical aspects of how to use the latest tools.

Push your creative limits with a strategic focus

You will complete a practical project working directly with LLORENTE & CUENCA, one of the most prestigious communication agencies in the world, to develop each phase of a visual and digital media strategy by creating, distributing, and evaluating narrative content for social impact.

Expansion through creative innovation

You will be producing a branded content strategy for different small businesses that are making the jump to online selling. The project aims to support community commerce to sustain and grow their business and is supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation through the IE Center of Social Innovation & Sustainability.

Companies that participate in the Visual & Digital Media Master's Degree

We believe that the best way to learn is through practical, hands-on methodologies. Thanks to our strong relationship with top industry professionals, students have the opportunity to experience the real world of work in the classroom through challenges, consulting projects, and multimedia simulations, applying their knowledge as they go. Here are some of the partner companies collaborating with the program:
  • Llorente y Cuenca
  • J. P. Morgan