The World of Tomorrow

The World of Tomorrow (WoT) is a unique, highly transformative and impact-oriented training program designed to introduce senior executives to the main trends in technological and social disruption, and to help them to transform those trends into new opportunities for their businesses.

The course comprises three Study Tours in three different countries, and during that time participants have the opportunity to  interact with experts from a variety of fields and to study how some of the world’s finest public and private institutions are dealing with the challenges of the digital age. Participants also enjoy a number of cultural activities and engage in design-thinking workshops aimed at updating and expanding their analytical, managerial and leadership skills.

The Program pursues two final goals: to stimulate the reflexions and knowledge of participants that will reinforce their current strategic thought, and to help them produce a set of concrete proposals to modernize their organization and adapt it to the world that is coming.

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The course comprises three Study Tours that allow them to interact with some of the top thinkers in the world and some of the most prestigious academic institutions, meet experts of a wide range of fields, and discover how some of the finest public and private institutions are dealing with the challenges of the new century.

The Experience

Institutions visited

IE University
International Monetary Fund
The US Senate
World Bank
UK Parliament
University of Oxford
Atlantic Council
Harvard University
Chatham House

Topics Covered

Future Economy
Artificial Intelligence
Global Politics
Data and Privacy
Security Risks
Digital Models

Skills developed

Critical Thinking
Scenario Planning
Design Thinking
Anticipative Governance