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News Geopolitics (11)

Launching Safer Tomorrow on the sidelines of the NATO Summit

The event featured a morning of panel discussions dedicated to understanding the interconnection between emerging technologies and international ...

11 / 07 / 2022


Jacinda Ardern kicks off the first Tech4Democracy Challenge

The event featured a competition for European startups that develop democracy-affirming technologies and a series of conversations with experts such ...

29 / 06 / 2022


The CGC launches Safer Tomorrow: Security starts with YOU(TH) Initiative

Raising awareness among the youth on the importance of a defense and security culture in an evolving geopolitical landscape.

10 / 05 / 2022


IE University signs agreement with the U.S. Department of State to jointly kick off the Tech4Democracy initiative

The initiative, coordinated by the Center for the Governance of Change, seeks to identify entrepreneurs around the globe who build and advance ...

04 / 03 / 2022


Annual survey reveals impact of pandemic on attitudes in Europe towards technology and healthcare

European Tech Insights 2021 (Part I) reveals a growing sense of public responsibility to address big societal issues but also job security concerns ...

29 / 04 / 2021


WATCH: The New Gatekeepers? Platform Bans and Free Speech

What will be the consequences of deplatforming President Trump? Who should regulate social platforms and the increasingly global information space? ...

26 / 01 / 2021


Understanding the Transformation of Warfare

The Center for the Governance of Change is launching Non-Military Warfare and Governance, a research program that will analyze the increasing use of ...

17 / 12 / 2020


New report examines the impact of the pandemic on the digital domain

"The New Digital Domain" report is a spearhead effort for recently launched Digital Domain and the New Social Contract research program. It proposes ...

16 / 09 / 2020


Oscar Jonsson addresses the Joint Special Operations University

CGC's Academic Director will be discussing the role of Russian cyber-attacks, information warfare and other non-military means.

07 / 09 / 2020


The CGC at the International Conference on Cyber, Digital and Tech

Oscar Jonsson, Academic Director, spoke about the impact of emerging technologies – particularly AI and 5G – on cyber security.

16 / 07 / 2020


OPINION: The Specter of a Bioweapon

The latest strain of the coronavirus has not only created a modern-day pandemic, but it has reenergized a flurry of accusations that it's a man-made ...

25 / 05 / 2020