Pablo Gervás

Universidad Complutense

Professor Pablo Gervás holds a PhD in Computing from Imperial College, University of London
(1995), and is currently Full Professor on Computational Creativity and Natural Language Processing (Catedrático de Universidad) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is the Director of the NIL research group ( and for many years has been the Director of the Instituto de Tecnología del Conocimiento (

Pablo Gervás has been the national coordinator of the FP7 EU projects PROSECCO, WHIM and ConCreTe in the area of Computational Creativity. He has also been the coordinator of two national research projects (GALANTE and MILES) involving several institutions and principal investigator of two more (IDiLyCo and CANTOR).

His main research interest currently lies in the study of the role that computers can play in helping people interested in literary creativity. Dr. Gervás is one of the world’s leading experts on automatic generation of (fictional) stories and poetry, and has a background in natural language generation, Computational Creativity, and narratology. He is the author of the PropperWryter software which was used in the process of creating Beyond the Fence — the first computer generated musical, staged at the London West End in 2016.