Lucia Figar

IE Chief of Corporate Innovation and Ventures; Chairwoman, IE ROCKETS

Lucia has spent most of her life working in the public sector. After finishing her BA in Business Administration and Economics from CUNEF in 1998, she held positions in the Staff of the Presidency of the Government of Spain and the European Parliament in Brussels.

In 2002, she was appointed Secretary for Social Affairs, with overall responsibility for the social services portfolio. Lucia has also been for more than 8 years the Regional Minister of Education in the Government of Madrid, responsible of a system comprised of 3.500 schools, 6 public universities, 1.3 million students and more than 100.000 teachers. As Chairwoman of IE ROCKETS, she leads several education and technology initiatives at IE Business School, where she obtained her Global Executive MBA in 2016. She is Member of the Board of Telefonica Foundation.