Susana Espinosa de los Reyes

Investment Analyst at Angel Ventures

Susana is currently part of the investment team in Angel Ventures. She is part of both funds having a different role in each one. For AVM Fund I, Susana is in charge of the portfolio management of the 21 companies invested in the first fund being in all the follow up information with companies to make a quarterly report given to Limited Partnerships. Regarding our second Fund, AV Pacific Alliance Fund II, Susana is in charge of several Due Diligence processes due to her backgrounf on Business and International Development.

Susana is currently part of the small group of Women in PE/VC in Mexico and has a Masters in International development from the Instituto Technológico Autonomo de México (ITAM) where she previously studied her undergraduate degree on Business. During her studying years, Susana got involved with the entrepreneurial ecosystem by organizing a TEDx event in her school with the title “Creators of the future” where all speakers where entrepreneurs from ITAM.