Miguel Barbosa

Investment Director, Tourism BU, Portugal Ventures

Miguel Barbosa was born in 1967. He has a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering by IST, an MBA by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, a master in Investment Strategy and Internationalization by ISG and, more recently, the Pagetur – Tourism Management Program by Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

With over 20 years of experience in Venture Capital and Private Equity he is nowadays the Investment Director of the Tourism Business Unit at Portugal Ventures, having also worked in the Engineering & Manufacturing area namely in companies of hardware, internet of things as well as industrial products and services. Previous experience includes consultancy, telecommunications and the restructuring of the Nutrinveste group the biggest Portuguese agro-industrial group. Since 2003 he is also Visiting Professor at ISCTE, Universidade Lusófona and ISG, teaching Innovation and Internationalization Strategies as well as Investment Analysis.