Marcos Boffa

Director of Tourism Politics and Innovation, Tourism Office of Belo Horizonte, Belotur

Marcos Vinícius Boffa earned a Master in Cultural Politics in Bourgogne University, during the program of the French Ministry of Culture called Formation International Culture (1995 – 1996).  Mr. Boffa Studied Geography at the Minas Gerais Federal University in Belo Horizonte and is the Current Director of Tourism Policies and Innovation at Belo Horizonte Tourism Office – Belotur.


With a strong background in cultural projects and productions, for several years he has been involved as promoter of electronic music and art festivals such as Sonar, Mutek and Arte.Mov and jury member of Transmediale in Berlin and Ars Eletronica in Linz.

In tourism, it´s responsible for coordinating the elaboration, articulation and evaluation of sectoral plans and integrated projects for the development of municipal tourism and the development of local entrepreneurship, in accordance with the Municipal Policy guidelines. Participated as panelist during the Technical Workshop UNTWO – WTCF City Tourism Performance Research in Buenos Aires (September. 2017) and the 1st WTCF Latin America Tourism Congress in Bogota (April 2018).