H.E. Mrs. Liliam Kechichián

Minister of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Uruguay

Educational Coordinator of Tourism at the Institute of Training in Tourism ( I.C.T)


She carried out duties at the Center of Information and Studies of Uruguay ( CIESU)


Town councilor of Montevideo from 1990 to 1995, then elected as a member of parliament in the year 2004.


Director of Tourism and Recreation of the Departamental Government of Montevideo from 2000 to 2005.


President of the Committee of Tourism of the House of Representatives .


President of the Touristic Corporation.


In the year 2006 she was designated Vice Minister of the Ministery of Tourism and Sports, being confirmed for the position in the year 2010.


Since May 31st 2012 to today, she holds the title as Minister of Tourism, having been reconfirmed for this position by our President Tabare Vazquez on March 1st of 2015