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Venture Day Madrid – July 12th

12 /07 /2018

vdaymadrid_imageThursday, July 12th is IE’s flagship and largest entrepreneurship event, the culmination of its Venture Lab program and a celebration for all of IE’s entrepreneurial spirit and mission to foster an entrepreneurial mindset.

All are welcome to join us at the Auditorium of the Rafael del Pino Foundation in Madrid on Calle Rafael Calvo 39. We will open the doors at 3pm and will have music from the marvelous band, Track Dogs, and at 3:45pm we will begin our afternoon of excitment!

Our Keynote is Ikhlaq Sidhu, Chief Scientist and Founding Director, Sutarja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley. If you are curious at all (and we encourage you to be curious!) about how machine learning is being applied in business and what’s to come, then do not miss this opportunity to learn from Ikhlaq.

We have the great honor of hosting a Fireside chat with IE alumni who have developed and are developing startups and businesses after leaving IE and Venture Lab. We have Amir Kaplan, CEO and cofounder of ifeelonline.com, Matt Heusch (CEO Gourmet Pay), and Nazareno Ciccarello of Functionalgums.com. This chat will be moderated by Cat Dawson, a current IMBA student.

Throughout the afternoon we will hear elevator pitches from the runner up teams. Do not underestimate these runner ups. They have promising proposals and further represent IE’s entrepreneurial spirit, They may have not reached the finals today; but it’s a question of time and timing.

Finally, we will host the Final Startup Competition with our 11 finalists! See below to know who they are and also to see who are the amazing investors on the Investor Jury who will decide the winners of this Venture Day!

STREAMING:  If you cannot attend in person, follow us LIVE via Steaming here below:


VENTURE DAY July 12th, 2018




Music from the band, “Track Dogs”


Vicente J. Montes Gan – Director, Fundación Rafael del Pino
Paris de l’Etraz – Managing Director, Venture Lab. IE Business School


Ikhlaq Sidhu – Chief Scientist and Founding Director, Sutarja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley


1-Minute Pitches from the Runner-Ups

1. Fina (IMBA; Venture Lab)

2. AdNow (IMBA; Venture Lab)

3. MyPharma (IMBA; Venture Lab)

4. Kred-it (IMBA; Venture Lab)

5. Boyas de Servicio (BDS) (IMBA; Venture Lab)




The Data X Workshop


Ikhlaq Sidhu


What is your Data Strategy?
Where does the Data come from?
Getting the Data
Format Data
Using Open Source Frameworks
Apply Machine Learning


1-Minute Elevator Pitches from the Runner-Ups

1.       Best Defense (Alumni)

2.       Next Feed (IMBA; Knowledge Incubator)

3.       Goxo (Alumni)

4.       Vizu (MIM, Venture Lab)

5.       Data Cells, Naked Singularity (IMBA, Venture Lab)




Cat Dawson

Entrepreneurship after IE


Amir Kaplan, CoFounder & CEO iFeelonline.com (IMBA alumnus)
Matthieu Heusch, CoFounder HeyPlease & GasPay (IMBA alumnus)
Nazareno Ciccarello, 
Cofounder, Functional Gums (IMBA alumnus)



1-Minute Elevator Pitches from the Runner-Ups

1.       HomeEast (BBA, Venture Lab)

2.       Edulupa (MTDHR in HST, IMBA alumnus, IMBA Jan ’18, Venture Lab)

3.       Cafetal (IMBA; Knowledge Incubator)

4.       Insnack (MIM; Venture Lab)

5.       Unplug (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)



Paris de l’Etraz – MD Venture Lab, IE Business School


5-Minute Pitches from our 11 Finalist Startups

1.       Energora (IMBA)

2.       Legaline (alumni)

3.       Chiron (MBD+MIM)

4.       The Fashion Festival (BBA)

5.       Tenjin ((MBD)

6.       Master Gifting (IMBA)

7.       Jengu (IMBA)

8.       Hangry (IMBA)

9.       Stella (MBD)

10.   DropAlley (IMBA)

11.   Finoa (IMBA)


Allison Rohe,
Deputy Director IE Venture Lab




Alejandro Rodriguez, Nekko Capital

Aris Xenofontos, Seaya Ventures

Borja Breña Lajas, Curve Capital

Dario Villena, SwanLaab

Elie Abi-Lahoud, Accenture

Guillermo Ramos, abcVC Ventures

Jaime Biel, Faraday Venture Partners

Jaime Vazquez, Demium Startups

Javier González, Caixa Capital Risc

Joaquín Rebuelta, Kibo Ventures

Jorge Montes del Pino, Montes y Asociados Consulting

José Luis Sastre, Meetel

José Miguel Herrero, Big Sur Ventures

Karel Escobar, StartupXplore

Lourdes Álvarez de Toledo, JME Venture Capital

Luisa Rubio, Wayra

Oriol Juncosa, Encomenda Smart Capital

Mario Brassesco, Encomenda Smart Capital

Ricardo Gómez-Acebo Botín, Curve Capital

Rocio Pillado, Adara Ventures

Rodolfo Carpintier, Digital Assets

Sascha Badelt, Fast Track


Hangry (“Connecting brands with passengers”). A huge passenger economy has emerged and Hangry aims to capitalize on these millions of untapped distribution channels by connecting brands with passengers. Hangry offers in-Car Snacks, Beverages & Convenience items on-the-go. (IMBA Venture Lab team)

Finoa (“Institutional Crypto Banking”). The market for brokerage and custody of crypto-assets is expected to grow to $276bn by 2025 and Finoa is aiming for 0.5% of this market share. “Our vision is the New Paradigm of Finance: a world where traditional finance and blockchain converge to a single ecosystem with substantial productivity improvement.” (IMBA Venture Lab team)

Jengu (“Bringing the impact of Integrative Medicine to the people who need it most”). Targeting the US market where 4 out of 5 Americans are dissatisfied with their healthcare options, Jengu is an online platform that connects patients to a qualified network of IM practitioners and provides the necessary tools for a successful healing journey.  (IMBA Venture Lab team)

Legaline is an online platform focused on the banking, tax and airline claims industry. Legaline handles the entire claims process for clients and only charges if the claim is won successfully. (IE Law School Alumnus)

Master Gifting (“New Gift, Same emotions”) is a SAAS B2B solution to for ecommerce retailers to earn revenue from gift purchases online, 30% of which are usually abandoned and left in the online shopping cart.  (IMBA Venture Lab team)

Chiron (“Crowdsourcing Solution for Data Labeling”) is a solution focused on the Artificial Intelligence sector, addressing the problem of labeling of images. Chiron offers companies high-quality image labeling in a scalable, cost and time-effective way. It leverages crowdsourced human labor, machine learning models (for scalability) and smart contracts to guarantee the quality of the labeling. (Master Big Data & Business Analytics & Master in Management Venture Lab team)

Energora (“Leveraging data to connect energy suppliers and their clients”). Energora is a SAAS business model serving as a bridge between energy providers and SMEs. (IMBA Venture Lab team)

Drop Alley serves ecommerce retailers by offering a solution to the problem of returns and an opportunity to increase sales. It is a quality-driver solution that utilizes a platform and network of partners to reduce costs of returns for retailers, lower returns volume, and provide consumers with a great returns experience.  (IMBA Venture Lab team)

Tenjin has developed a B2B solution for student recruitment at boarding schools (initially). The team has developed and tested an algorithm in beta that classifies whether a student is a good fit for a particular boarding school. (IMBA alumnus, Master Big Data & Business Analytics & Master in Corporate Communications (alumna) Venture Lab team)

Stella (“The future of voice-controlled caregiving”). Stella is the first AI-driven voice assistant caregiver making senior citizens healthier, safer and happier as they live independently in their homes and provide peace of mind for their loved ones. (Master Big Data & Business Analytics Venture Lab team)

The Fashion Festival (“Revolutionizing fashion through experience”). These are events designed as a game-changing way to not only see, shop, and wear fashion, but to experience it in a new and exciting way. (IE University BBA Venture Lab Team)