Nominated to the EPIC Awards 2019

"I firmly believe in the power of brands to change companies and create an impact in the world as we know it."

Director of Marketing and Communications at Correos. Executive MBA 2006.

Last year I was chosen by Forbes Spain as one of the 100 most creative minds at the time. I never thought that I could be part of that list, sharing that honor with people like Elon Musk and Miguel Barceló. That incredible acknowledgement was achieved thanks to a massive team, which worked in an environment of freedom, trust, and mutual learning in order to create a great impact through the brand. We built a team with great people working towards their full potential for a great cause. I firmly believe in the power of brands to change their companies and achieve the greatest goals of the world as we know it now. I have focused my career on making that happen, working 15 years in corporate, institutional and advertising communication. Brands are powerful living beings, mutable, and permanent in their essence at the same time. They have to connect emotionally and move constantly, that is, to be in “perpetual (e)motion.” For that purpose, we must act in teams based on trust, freedom, collaboration and without fear: transformations through the brand that are well executed, can only go well.

I am from Madrid, I have a Law Degree with three honors and an Executive MBA from IE Business School.

I launched the most awarded ad in the world in 2016, “Justino.” Client of the Year in the Art Director’s Club in New York. I was named as the third most relevant Chief Marketing Officer in Spain in 2017. I really appreciate this acknowledgment, I just do what I believe in.

How did IE help you get to where you are today?

My Executive MBA helped me to open my vision, gave me a huge perspective of the corporate world, and inspired me to find new paths in my career. I was working in public administration until I joined the program, and it blew my mind to such a degree that I changed my career and three months later I was hired by a private company. Now I am working in a public company, having knowledge of both the public and private sector.

Which are your three most notable achievements in your professional life?

My greatest pride is to share my own vision and not fear when everybody in the meeting is shaking their heads when I am talking, stay focused and humble and make things that seemed impossible happen. I love making brands connect to the world emotionally. We are people, all of us, consumers or not, and we connect through feelings, and that creates a huge impact. We laugh, we cry, we feel. In the most important campaigns that I launched revenues increased dramatically. Emotion works. Learning that has been my greatest achievement in my professional life and sharing that vision with the world, the second one.

Does success have a secret formula? If so, what is it?

Build a great team, do not fear, and create an impact.


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