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Susana Campuzano presents her latest book, “La fórmula del Lujo”


On June 15, Susana Campuzano, Director of IE Business School’s Strategic Direction and Management in Luxury Markets Program, presented her latest book, “La Fórmula del Lujo.”

A large number of the author’s friends, alumni of the program, and current students went to IE Business School’s  Aula Magna to hear firsthand how this research book that presents a methodology for the creation of luxury and premium brands was created.

The event was attended by Joaquín Uribarri, CEO of Executive Education, and Carola Arboli, Director of Management Programs, who welcomed and thanked the author for her time, dedication and effort to move this book forward. Then we heard from Nuria Coronado, editor of LID Editorial (leader in business books), who stressed that Susana, being involved in the luxury world, has known how to grasp its essence better than anyone else, and that reading “La Fórmula del Lujo” will make us feel accompanied, as each chapter highlights a know-how that had been kept secret and is now brought to light.

Susana Campuzano, during her presentation, explained how the idea for the book came about, and how what she wanted was to answer the question, “What is the path to create a luxury brand?” For Susana, creating a luxury brand is a heroic journey of wizards and heroes who find their way. A world where chaos and order are necessary, in a universe — the luxury universe — that changes with the market. She wanted to move away from the idea that luxury is only found in certain sectors, emphasizing that, “Luxury is craftsmanship, and if we are left without craftsmanship we are left without culture.”

During the presentation we heard from some of the protagonists whose brands were analyzed in the book.

Enrique Valero, General Manager of Abadía Retuerta winery, represents the case of experiential luxury. Under the premise that they do not sell wine or rooms, but that they create experiences, their intention is to make customers dream and discover sensations, making sure to move them.

Juan Carlos Maroto, Global Marketing Director at Vantguard, explained to us the Gin Mare case, whose success is “having put the Mediterranean in a bottle.” Juan Carlos said that in the world of spirits there was little innovation, and that they as a young brand had to offer a100% comprehensive, honest and correct formula. They did it by reinventing retail of the gift box, which now has value for the consumer.

Lastly, we listened to Jose Luis González, CEO of Onesixone, a great example of the creation of a niche brand. He transported us to a magical world when speaking about the essence of his bags, inspired by the golden ratio. The result is a unique product with a life of its own.

In short, it was a presentation of a very special book and a topic that we will surely continue hearing about, since luxury represents a sector in the market that continues to grow at 5% per year and is not affected by the crisis. If you want to specialize in the luxury, premium or high-end products and services sector, don’t miss our Strategic Direction and Management in Luxury Markets Program, whose director, Susana Campuzano, and the rest of the wonderful faculty members, will help you enrich your professional career.