Driving change with a growth mindset

Specialized Programs
14 Jun 2018 - 15 Jun 2018
Face to face
One week or less
Tuition Fees
€ 2,300

Our 2- day program will explore and create dialogue on how to embrace change with a growth mindset. Small mental shifts make the difference between a good and great life. The program will help you rethink and refresh your perspective as a leader of your own professional journey and as an agent of change supporting a growth mindset for your teams, and the businesses in which you serve.

  • Are you embracing or resisting change?
  • Do you have a growth mindset that focuses on adapting to the new, and overcoming the obstacles that are between you and your future?
  • Are you leading change or being led by disruptions?
  • What tools and mental shifts will support you in making a positive impact on your business and the organization of today and tomorrow?
  • How are you intentional creating a mindset that boost your own personal success and happiness so you can go from coping to thriving?


“Do you dare to pause?
I paused when I transitioned out of Ericsson as a way to clear my pathway to uncover my purpose, life identity and priorities. The methodology gave me the energy and determination to solidify my value add for the next generation of companies. The exercises and exploration made me aware of what is critical to keep in mind when experiencing transitions in life, both personal and professional. Having a partner throughout my transition was essential to constantly revisiting my pathway – reflecting, balancing emotional discomfort and creating a clear vision and plan to achieve what I wanted out of my next steps in life.”

Participant in 2017 Transitions Program, from Ericsson to Amazon, and speaker at 2018 program.

Marijo Bos, Program Director tell us about the program:

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