AM: Macro Landscape: Flexing the Growth Mindset

  • Growth mindset.
  • Future changing.

PM: Micro Landscape: Digging inside out-your golden wisdom

  • Personal experiences.
  • Getting ready to share your story.
  • Embracing change through mindfulness-Pause-itivity.
  • Welcome Dinner.

AM: Individual Road Map

  • Case studies: Getting unstuck and moving your story forward.
  • Storytelling to make sense of your future road map.
  • Overcoming challenges as an ego source of life.
  • Moving towards: Your personal story.

PM: Carrying change forward

  • Resources to start your journey of change.
  • Resetting your priorities.
  • Your future plan with attention and intention.

45 days after completion of the program: Growth gaps, learning points. Where are you today? Goals for Tomorrow?