IE for Life: Learning as a lifelong journey

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For lasting success in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, we have to be ready to develop, innovate and grow throughout our careers. And in a world defined by fast-paced transformation, continuing education is the only way forward.

No matter how exhaustive the educational background, it might not be enough to prepare us for the disruptive changes defining our industries. With unparalleled technological developments and ever-changing demands from across the marketplace, we’re facing new, dynamic challenges every day. If we hope to keep up, we have to understand that learning is a lifelong journey.


At the same time, this crucial professional growth has to be compatible with career development. In other words, we can’t be expected to interrupt our career trajectory just to collect degrees. Instead, continuing education has to be flexible, relevant and accessible.

When continuing education doesn’t demand the complete cessation of professional activity, we have the opportunity to acquire up-to-date skills that will immediately increase our present and future employability.

In the world of tech, we see a perfect example of the importance of continued professional growth. A 2019 study projected that over 30 million jobs in the United States may be lost to AI in the coming years. By upskilling and committing to lifelong learning, we can prepare ourselves for the tech-driven disruption affecting the job market of tomorrow.

This is also true for a variety of industries, all facing significant transformation due to the pressures of offshoring, automation and robotics. By taking an active interest in our own personal and professional development, we can stay ahead and stand out no matter what the future holds.


While enhancing your employability, there are also some powerful health and social benefits associated with learning new, in-demand professional skills. In recent years we’ve seen countless studies linking education to longevity, and learning new skills to improving memory.

What’s more, continuing education facilitates countless social benefits. Not only do we get to expand our professional networks, but we also have the chance to meet people with similar interests and share our skills while learning new ones. These meaningful social interactions provide us with an opportunity to grow on a personal level, allowing us to develop our career with purpose.


IE is thrilled to announce the launch of its new lifelong learning initiative, IE for Life. It’s more than just continuing education—it’s a platform to help alumni stay connected, motivated and engaged throughout their professional careers.

Membership is tailored to your individual needs, offering exclusive access to events, networking groups, webinars, career coaching, online courses and more. IE for Life members are also eligible for exclusive offers on tuition for a wide selection of IE’s world-class programs.

This initiative was designed for any IE alum interested in giving their professional career a boost, meeting fellow graduates, and refreshing their skills. If you’re ready to explore your potential and pursue meaningful growth, check out IE for Life today.


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