10 Reasons for You to Come to the IE Data Science Bootcamp

10 Reasons for You to Come to the IE Data Science Bootcamp
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One of our favorite quotes about Data Science is that the data scientist is the hottest job of the decade. Not only is it an in-demand profession, but there’s also a gap between supply and demand. Don’t believe us? Here’s the scenario:


By 2020, there will be an estimated 1 million new digital and tech jobs in Europe. However, traditional higher education is unlikely to produce enough graduates to fill even a third of these vacancies.


That’s why we at IEXL decided to create the Data Science Bootcamp, but we think that there’s so much more that will make you want to learn Data Science and join in a future intake. We’ve boiled it down to 10 reasons. Let us break them down for you:


Job opportunities

Data Science is one of the skills most in demand in the job market. Why? Companies need to find people who can extract insights from data to improve their abilities for analyzing that data. As we previously mentioned, the data scientist is the crucial connector between having data and most demanded skills in today’s job market as companies need to strengthen their data analysis capabilities and their ability to extract insights from data. Plus, since the reason many companies can’t find talent is that there haven’t been enough people getting trained in those skills, you’ll be prime for filling those vacancies.


Data Science is not just for major tech companies anymore. Companies of all sizes see that they can use data to make more informed decisions, even in startups or small-to-medium sized firms. The numbers don’t lie; a study from The Harvard Business Review found that “companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors.”


Intensive, focused training

The IE Data Science Bootcamp’s immersive, full-time 10-week model ensures that you don’t have any distractions as you get trained in the data science skills you need. Unlike other data science bootcamps that will only teach one program language, we’ll give you training in both the R and Python programming languages, making you even more adaptable to the chosen programming languages in play across industries.


We cover multiple aspects of the Data Science value chain

The Data Science discipline has numerous components that make this profile a jack of all trades. Good Rebels writes that “[t]he data scientist is a mix between a programmer, analyst, a communicator and an advisor. With proficiency in statistics, technology, math, and data architecture. All this without forgetting human qualities.” Our curriculum provides a comprehensive view of the entire process from data acquisition all the way to the communication skills you need to transmit the conclusions the data gives you to perpetuate real business change to ensure that you have the well-rounded profile to tackle all components of the data science discipline.


Exercise-only, as well as Data Lab sessions

Learning how to code is challenging. The academic days have a structure that allows you to complement your theory class time along with time to practice exercises daily. Along with these exercise sessions, you will also enjoy Data Lab sessions, with a separate set of mentors to guide you through it as you start preparing for your Demo Day presentations at the end of the program.


Skills Accelerator

The Data Science Bootcamp is a 10-week investment to boost your career in Data Science. How is it an investment? Our skills accelerating program keeps this finding in mind: “[b]usiness leaders are after professionals who can not only understand the numbers but also communicate their findings effectively.” Investing in acquiring this combination will be financially rewarding for you as well. Why do you ask? InfoWorld states this is “[b]ecause there is a still such a shortage of talent who can combine these two skillsets, salaries for data scientists are projected to grow over 6% this year alone.”


Pragmatic, practitioner faculty

The IE Data Science Bootcamp team members all have professional experience in Data Science, ensuring that you will get their insights as you go through the entire process. They’ve worked in top firms such as McKinsey and Stratio.


Real-life datasets

Our project-based curriculum has a basis from real-life operations from our range of partner companies. That means you’ll be tackling real data with mentors from companies such as Indra, Amadeus, Nielsen, and Cabify. You’ll enter the workplace more prepared with richer data than with fictional datasets.



The IE community is full of thousands of alumni across the university with plenty of opportunities to make meaningful connections to take the next steps in your career. IE’s growing data science and Big Data-related alumni network will manifest itself in a variety of contexts throughout the Bootcamp. These include datathons, panel discussions on campus, Lunch and Learn sessions where professionals give you a master class over lunch, and corporate recruiting. Throughout the Bootcamp, you will also go on site visits to multiple companies to understand how Data Science gets applied across corporations. The first class of Bootcampers visited SAP, McKinsey, and Indra, among others.



IE is one of the most-recognized higher education institutions worldwide, which will give you an edge as you pursue new opportunities in the discipline.



Madrid has an emerging tech scene that will serve you well as you explore possibilities in the industry. Plus, a 2016 survey by InterNations found that Madrid is the top European city for expatriates and the third best in the world. The city has a fabulous quality of life and is also affordable compared to other major European cities. Tapas, anyone?


Eager for more about Data Science?

To learn more about the IE Data Science Bootcamp, download your copy of our one-pager here. And, if you’re ready to apply for our next intake, get started on your application.


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