Bootcamp Diary IV: Jacqueline

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Introduce yourself

I’m Jacqueline from Mexico. I’m a global computer science engineer with a touch of business knowledge and I love to look for insights and patterns to drive decision making.

What was your favorite part of the week?

I enjoyed our visit to the EY Artificial Intelligence Center. I was utterly amazed by the state of the art facilities that the ” EY Wave Space” have and the diverse pool of data science and engineering professionals that work in there. The highlight of the visit was the multimedia presentation that we got on a screen that was 10 meters tall; it was spectacular!!

What was the most challenging part of your week?

This week we started the Machine Learning classes, and there was a lot of anticipation. I would say that this was the moment of truth for us in the bootcamp because now we need to combine the programming skills and the math & stats knowledge that we have been accumulating during the past weeks to be able to create and understand the predictive models.

Has anything funny or comical happened during the bootcamp this week?

Often at lunchtime we talk about the culture and customs of our respective home countries. Most of the times we found ourselves comparing day to day things that are surprisingly similar and different from our backgrounds. It is super fun to see the expression on our faces with the “Really?” question while the others laugh and enjoy the stories being told.

What is the most practical skill that you’ve learned thus far in the bootcamp?

Resilience. I believe that the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties is key to thrive in the crazy environment that we live nowadays. We have a resilience class in the bootcamp to help us to deal with this intense and demanding pace that we are experiencing. I’m glad that IE cares about this aspect of the experience and provides the learners with this support.

What do you like to do when you’re not in class?

I love exploring the city!! Madrid is so beautiful and has a lot to offer anyone. I had the opportunity to go to a free concert during the Jazz Day, buying used and new books at The Madrid Book Fair, cheer on my friends participating in the Madrid Marathon and taste exquisite cuisine at Madrid’s local bars. Summer is approaching, and I believe that the experience of being in Madrid is going to get better.

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